Absalon Class Combat / Flexible Support Ship

HDMS Absalon (L16) was launched in February 2004 and commissioned into the Royal Danish Navy in July 2004.

  • Two Absalon ships on the open sea
  • An Absalon (L16) ship out on the open sea
  • Rear view of a Esbern Snare (L17) at sea
  • Two Absalon ships heading into the foreground
  • A roll-off ramp of a Naval ship unloading a tank at a port
  • Two Absalon ships seen from rear with surface to air missile modules
  • A helicopter hanger on a Absalon ship with helicopter present
  • Side profile of two Absalon ships with large cargo holds
  • The reinforced deck of  a Absalon ship carrying a Leopard 2 tank
  • Two Absalon ships capable of firing Extended-Range Guided Munitions (ERGM)
  • Two Absolon ships powered by MTU 8000 diesel engines