Hunterwater is a lightweight, compact and effective unmanned system for minehunting. It applies an innovative all-in-one search, identification and automatic neutralization of underwater mine threats.


L3Harris’ Hunterwater is a new generation minesweeping system created to perform the complete standoff minehunting operating cycle, by means of a lightweight and simpleto-use unmanned Mine Countermeasure Module (MCM). It allows performing MCM operations in total safety, using a modular Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) system of compact dimensions and characterized by reduced operational costs.


The Hunterwater system is a USV that manages the onboard robotic set (MCM Kit) by means of the launch and recovery system (LARS).

The MCM Kit includes the following robotic units:

> A hybrid remotely operated vehicle and sidescan sonar (ROVSCAN) mine countermeasure module is capably of performing site survey, identification and precise acoustic localization (PAL) of the threats. It also deploys multiple markers that allow mine neutralization.

> A disposable compact acoustic guided vehicle (VGA), featuring precise automatic target reacquisition with acoustic arrays. This component is capable to perform autonomously the countermine mission by direct target reacquisition.

The system can also be used in addition to the independent mission capability, for multiple/parallel search and identification operations, in conjunction with other USV systems and/or autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) e.g., L3Harris’ IVER4.