• 20 August 2008

    US firm pleads guilty to exporting defence secrets

    A US firm pleaded guilty to illegally providing a Chinese national with data used in developing an unmanned aerial weapons system, the Justice Department said on Wednesday. The federal plea...

  • 18 August 2008

    Military Fund Mind-Reading Research

    The US military has awarded university researchers with a $4mn grant to study ways to read people's thoughts. The military is hoping that the research could perhaps lead to technology...

  • 14 August 2008

    Poland Signs Missile Defence Deal with the US

    Poland has signed a defence deal with the US to host a missile defence shield system at a base on the Baltic coast. The US will install ten interceptor missiles...

  • 10 August 2008

    Drone Pilots Feel Stress from Afar

    US National Guardsmen operating predator drones over Iraq via remote control from Southern California have reported suffering the same psychological stresses as there comrades on the battlefield. Predator pilots operate...

  • 7 August 2008

    Taiwan Military to Convert to All-Volunteer Force

    The Republic of China is planning to convert Taiwan's military into an all-volunteer force by 2013. The scheme, scheduled to commence in 2010 will annually reduce the number of conscripts...


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