• 29 April 2009

    UK Begins Post-Combat Mission in Iraq

    Having already drawn down the divisional headquarters a month ago, the UK forces have handed over command to US forces and begun withdrawal - marking the transition from a combat...

  • 26 April 2009

    Joint Forces Sign Charter to Standardise Equipment

    The first big step towards achieving commonality and interoperability of expeditionary basing equipment amongst the joint forces has come a step closer after logistics chiefs gathered to sign the joint...

  • 26 April 2009

    US Military Issues Swine Flu Caution

    The US military has identified the outbreak of swine flu as 'not a pandemic at this time' but has issued a worldwide caution to military personnel to be on the...

  • 21 April 2009

    Behaviour Studies Could Enhance Simulator Capabilities

    Scientists in the US Defence Department's Modelling and Simulation Coordination Office (MSCO) are looking to improve irregular warfare techniques by studying human social and cultural behaviours. The MSCO believes that...

  • 21 April 2009

    US to Create Cybersecurity Military Command

    The Obama administration plans to create a new military command to focus on Pentagon computer networks and offensive capabilities in cyberwarfare, The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday, citing current...

  • 20 April 2009

    US Reaches Milestone in Matter Manipulation

    Scientists from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have successfully completed a key theoretical research milestone in the first phase of the programmable matter research programme. The DARPA...

  • 19 April 2009

    US Army Eyes Thermal Sight Technology

    The US army has awarded DRS Technologies a $120m order for low-power uncooled thermal weapon sight II bridge systems to help warfighters see what cannot be seen with the naked...

  • 16 April 2009

    US to Proceed with Friend or Foe Technology Deal

    Tel Instrument Electronics has announced plans to proceed with its friend or foe detection technology contract with the US Army after a protest submitted by Aeroflex was withdrawn. Aeroflex, an...

  • 14 April 2009

    MKU Bags $35m Boat Armouring Order

    India-based defence solutions provider MKU has bagged a $35m order for armouring the 186 high-speed patrol boats procured for coastal security. The order has been awarded to MKU by Goa...


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