The Indian Navy is to secure its naval harbours with electronic fences as part of its effort to protect the country’s coastline after the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in November 2008.

As part of India’s integrated harbour defence system, the electronic fences will be built to secure the harbours against clandestine threat from sea, according to security officials.

India has decided to protect its naval harbours following November 2008’s deadly attacks in Mumbai in which the terrorists used boats to sail into Mumbai, according to the BBC.

The electronic fences will be fixed to the seabed close to a harbour and will have diver detection sonars and high resolution radars with shore-based command and control systems, according to the BBC.

Radars will also be installed at 80km distances along the coastline to identify and track any movement near the harbour up to a distance of 70km away.

The electronic net will stop any diver or a boat from sailing through and will only be lifted when a warship or a boat enters or leaves the naval harbour.

During November 2008, gunmen sailed into Mumbai and carried out attacks which killed over 170 people.