The US Navy has been honoured with two Presidential Energy Awards for Leadership in Federal Energy Management and eight Department of Energy Awards.

Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana, Virginia and the Naval Base Kitsap (NBK) in Washington were recognised with the presidential awards for their support, leadership and efforts in promoting and improving energy savings.

NAS Oceana was recognised for having saved $2.4m in energy costs for FY 2008, while NBK was honoured for completing 69 energy projects and saving up to $2.6m over the same fiscal year.

Both naval entities were evaluated by the federal government on the basis of efficient use of energy and water, new and emerging energy technologies, renewable energy sources, alternative financing and energy-efficient mobility.

In addition, the navy was also presented with eight Department of Energy Federal Energy Management Programme (FEMP) Awards for different naval stations across the US.

The responsibilities of FEMP include reducing cost and environmental impact by advancing energy efficiency and water conservation, promoting the use of distributed and renewable energy as well as improving utility management decisions.

The navy has earned 28% of the Presidential Awards and 30% of the FEMP Awards over the past nine years.