Indonesian state-owned shipbuilder PT PAL (Persero) has announced the successful conclusion of diving trials of the country’s first indigenously assembled submarine, Alugoro 405.

Built at the PT PAL Indonesia submarine facility, Alugoro 405 is a Nagapasa-class diesel-electric submarine and is the third in the class.

The submarines are built in cooperation with South Korea’s Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) as part of an agreement in March 2011.

On 20 January, the tests were conducted in the waters of Banyuwangi in the East Java and Bali Sea.

The trials included a nominal diving depth (NDD) phase, which is part of the Sea Acceptance Test (SAT).

PT PAL Submarine Division head Satriyo Bintoro said that the successful completion of the NDD test implies that 90% of the construction process is successful.

The submarine has an expected delivery date of December 2020 to the Indonesian Navy. It will be handed over to the navy after several testing processes and Harbor Acceptance Test (HAT) and SAT.

The diving test was reviewed by the project officer of the Ministry of Defense. PT PAL Indonesia director Budiman Saleh and DSME executive vice-president Su Joon Yoo also witnessed the trial.

In April last year, South Korean shipbuilder DSME was awarded a contract to build three submarines for Indonesia with the support of PT PAL.

Produced with a scheme of technology transfer with DSME, the diesel-electric submarine is 6.13m-long with a maximum speed of 21 knots when diving and 12 knots when on the surface.

The vessel has a displacement of 1,400t and a range of 10,000 nautical miles.