• A New Wave of Warfare

    The notion of new-wave warfare will have dramatic implications for tomorrow's naval fleets. Richard B Gasparre reports.

  • University Challenge: Part I

    The first of a new series of articles focused on innovative collaboration between the military sector and universities. Alex Hawkes talks to Dr Timothy Norman, head of computing science research...

  • Men Overboard

    Competition from outside industries has put today's navies into a corner when it comes to managing human resources. Dr Gareth Evans finds out more.

  • Sailing on Supplies

    They are the ships that will offer support to the UK's newest CVF aircraft carriers. Dr Gareth Evans looks at how the MARS project fleet tanker, fleet solid support and...

  • Royalty of the Sea

    Al Elliott takes a look at the UK MoD's planned aircraft carriers – HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales. He discovers the role these will play in the...


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