• Equipping Afghanistan

    In Afghanistan more troops equals more equipment, but can the US deliver on this equation? By Gordon Feller.

  • Why Denuclearisation Matters

    Denuclearisation of the world's armies has been one of the most defining topics of the decade. Defence consultant Gordon Feller tells us why.

  • Geospatial Battles Gain Global Dominance

    Wars are on longer just won on battlefields, on the land or at sea. Dr Gareth Evans examines a new breed of geospatial warfare presenting new threats to today's militaries.

  • Will Elizabeth Rule the Waves?

    In 1998, the UK announced two new aircraft carriers would be built to serve the country into the 21st century. But, with two massive conflicts still not fully resolved, is...

  • How Missiles Can Save the World

    Gordon Feller looks at Obama's plans for missile defence in Europe. How might they shape cooperation in the region for industry and defence?

  • BAE Goes Solo Under the Sea

    BAE Systems has recently unveiled its latest and lightest unmanned autonomous mini submarine, Talisman L. Alex Hawkes gets an exclusive low-down on the project from the company's autonomous systems manager...


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