• EU Fleet to Patrol Unpunished Pirates

    An EU flotilla is the latest patrol that hopes to quell the rise of Somali pirates. But with little means of punishment, the effectiveness of its presence is up for...

  • Navies Turn to a Floating Force

    Strong military demand and a diverse customer base have cushioned the hovercraft sector from the worst of the crunch. Griffon Hovercraft's Matthew Gibson speaks to Anthony Beachey about the fundamentals...

  • University Challenge: Part II

    Alex Hawkes investigates the UK Ministry of Defence's university sponsorship scheme for technical officers. The second feature exploring military innovation in the university sector focuses on the scheme at the...

  • Navy Key to Asia Defence Strategies

    With miles of coastline, securing an independent and effective Asian naval capability is a vital defence strategy. Dr Gareth Evans investigates.

  • Waterside Security

    From thermal imaging to neural networking, the waterside security market is always looking ahead. Dr Gareth Evans looks at the technologies of the moment and how they work in today's...

  • Pirates Parade on the High Seas

    Age-old opportunism and cutting-edge technology are proving formidable adversaries for navies battling modern piracy. Dr Gareth Evans analyses their evolution.

  • A New Wave of Warfare

    The notion of new-wave warfare will have dramatic implications for tomorrow's naval fleets. Richard B Gasparre reports.


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