• Armidale: The Ferrari of the Sea

    RAN's Armidale Class Patrol Boats continue to deliver five-star performance in the lead up to their third birthday. David Binning reports.

  • Enforcing Fair Trade

    As the race for oil heats up, naval forces around the world are finding a new role securing resources in the water. By Dr Gareth Evans.

  • Building the Navy

    As China's naval strength grows, thoughts turn to the UK's role in European naval shipbuilding. Can the desire to maintain and upgrade fleets be met domestically or will governments be...

  • Indo-US Naval Cooperation

    India is calling on the US for help in propelling its navy forces forward. However, as Richard B Gasparre discovers, some contractors will still have to wait for the new...

  • Mr Astute

    He's the individual whose team approach has saved not only Barrow shipyard but UK submarine building as a whole. Paul French talks to BAE Systems' Mr Astute, Murray Easton, about...

  • Where Trust Really Counts

    David Binning looks at the integral relationship between Australian service provider KAZ and the Royal Australian Navy. The navy trusts KAZ with sensitive and challenging defence requirements.


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