• South Korea’s Push for the UAV

    The Republic of Korea (ROK) Government has been pushing itself into the UAV arena for some time. Gordon Feller documents Korea's projects and the companies that are helping make them...

  • Satellites: Honing in on Defence

    Gordon Feller asks if the satellite industry has the skills to continue its growth in defence. Earlier this year we looked at the technologies behind the growth of the commercial...

  • START again

    The US and Russia are once again talking of disarmament and a nuclear-free world, but what is involved with the new START?

  • Commoditising the EU Defence Industry

    Times are still changing on the battlefield – old threats may have decreased but new ones have emerged. Albrecht Muller looks at how experts gathering at the symposium of the...

  • The US’s Multiple Threat Budget

    The announcement of this year's US defence budget could prove to be a pivotal point in the history of US warfare. Daniel Garrun takes a closer look at the major...

  • Sonar Systems for 2010

    Sonar will be screaming onto the scene for naval forces around the world in 2010. Dan Heaton looks at three of the most important sonar projects currently taking place.


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