• US Green Fleet: a new era of naval energy

    The US Navy has launched its first carrier strike group powered partly by biofuel made from beef fat, a significant turning point in reducing the military’s reliance on imported oil.

  • Electrifying the US Navy: meeting future demand

    From meeting the need to improve fuel economy and enhance operational flexibility to preparing for the power-hungry radar, communications and energy weapons systems of the future, the US Navy has...

  • Tackling trafficking with joint forces

    Over 127,000 migrants – men, women and children – made the hazardous trip across the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe’s shores in the first six months of 2015 alone. Although...

  • UCLASS kicks off

    After years of uncertainty, deliberation and delay, the competition for the US Navy’s much debated unmanned carrier-launched airborne surveillance strike (UCLASS) acquisition programme is about ready to begin in earnest....

  • Pastor provides protection against pirates

    The threat of piracy against merchant shipping is growing, and while navies are bolstering their patrols in high-risk areas, they can’t be everywhere, so shipping companies are taking the problem...


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