Beadwindow Capability Statement

Beadwindow is an internationally recognised Australian company with a hard-fought reputation advocating the needs of the modern naval warfighter.

Beadwindow recognises that naval imagination is constrained by budget-funded legacy thinking, and obstructed by politics and process. This often leads to 'more of the same' when soliciting industry for new or upgraded naval combat systems.

Maintaining a technological edge becomes a mirage, yet the Red Team always lose, pursuing riskier capability options remain fantasy, despite the potential pay-off.

Capability is traded-off to achieve budget and schedule. Very rarely is the sea-going warfighting sailor or officer consulted.

Beadwindow concentrates on three core areas when advocating the combat sailor's needs:

  • Operations: making sure everyone involved in capability development and sustainment hears the warfighter's voice, understands their operating needs, and appreciates their working environment
  • Sustainment: making sure a well maintained, and sustained, combat system is provided to the seagoing warfighter
  • Training: making sure an appropriate learning and development strategy is implemented to maximise warfighter and maintainer use of a new combat system

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