DSIT Aquashield- Diver Detection Sonar

The AquaShield™ is an advanced Diver Detection Sonar (DDS) system, incorporating years of experience accumulated from continuous operation at multiple sites around the world. The system is operational in-the-water, protecting naval bases, energy terminals, commercial ports, off-shore platforms and other high value assets from underwater intrusion. AquaShield's unique modular design enables tailoring of the system to customer requirements and site specific geography. The AquaShield™ offers a long range of detection for even the weakest of targets, and can easily handle over 1,000 contacts simultaneously. The combination of a fully automatic mode of operation, very low maintenance requirements and high system reliability create a highly cost-effective system. AquaShield™ DDS - the best underwater security system available. Please download this free white paper for more information.

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