FuseRing - Fusion Solutions for the Naval Industry
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Fusion Solutions for the Naval Industry

FuseRing is a non-linear fusion solution and a pipeline construction system for welds over similar or dissimilar materials that works in less than 60s.

936 Wellington St. N, London,
N6A 3S9 Canada

936 Wellington St. N, London,
N6A 3S9 Canada

FuseRing is a non-linear fusion solution for tubular pipes and plates and a pipeline construction system for welds over similar or dissimilar materials that works in less than 60s.

The welds are fine-grained between base metal, transition zone and fusion area.

Welding for submarine hulls with no heat-affected zone

FuseRing is a one-shot automated process that enables the metals to be fused in one step. Using FuseRing as an intermediary, linear and non-linear pipes and plates can be joined together. There is no distortion when using our one-shot fusion process.

Welding 1in to 1.5in steel plates is now common. Welding thicker 3in, 4in or 5in plates is much more difficult. Besides the availability of qualified welders, there is a human element. We can automate the entire welding process and reduce variables.

Every weld is preset, automated and repeatable. The technician presses one button to initiate and complete the weld regardless of thickness in less than a minute. Quality and integrity of the weld is remotely documented in real time at the weld zone.

This is fundamentally different than today’s technology where each bead is laid down and inspected. Inspection has to be verified and re-verified. When there is a deficiency, the defect has to be dug out, re-welded and re-inspected. During this uncertain and time-consuming process, each bead cannot be guaranteed.

Using FuseRing technology, there are parameters that need to be set prior to welding. Once checked and rechecked, the process is automated and welding is completed in less than a minute regardless of plate thickness. The weld integrity is documented and available immediately.

Welding solutions for the naval industry

Traditional friction forge for the past 30-40 years has been a brute force. FuseRing introduces patented induction process that preheats work faces. By rotating a short middle section that is made of the same material as a parent or an intermediary between dissimilar materials, we deliver an innovative end product.

For shipbuilding and tubular repairs, regardless of thickness and material, FuseRing technology offers high quality, versatility and certainty. For tight confined space in reactors, ships or submarines, we weld in crawl spaces at 6 and 9 o‘clock positions. With solid-state fusion, you can heat up both work faces, rotate and stick and the process is completed.

For refineries, waterline construction and repairs, small modular reactor (SMR) between manifold and feeder tubes reduces time and costs and offers optimal quality. FuseRing can act as an intermediary between two very dissimilar materials by regulating work face temperatures and forging forces.

FuseRing enables solid-state fusion to be applied across flat, curved and tubular pieces. The technique can be scaled across multiple industries and applications, including pipeline, refineries, nuclear SMR, decommissioning, ships and submarines.

Non-linear fusion solution

FuseRing delivers welds on the inside of spent nuclear fuel containers in one shot regardless of thickness or dissimilar layers.


936 Wellington St. N, London


N6A 3S9