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Life Jackets, Life Rafts and Survival Solutions for the Defence Industry

Survitec Group is the world’s premier survival technology company.

16th Floor,
City Tower,
40 Basinghall Street,
EC2V 5DE United Kingdom

16th Floor,
City Tower,
40 Basinghall Street,
EC2V 5DE United Kingdom

Survitec Group is the world’s premier survival technology company. We protect your defence investment, every minute of every mission, providing unparalleled protection and life support, enhancing performance in the most extreme circumstances.

With over 90 years, experience and expertise in supplying leading defence, aerospace and military end users, our mission is to deliver the best value safety and survival solutions from concept through to certification.

Through an extensive product range, including pilot flight equipment (PFE), life rafts, life jackets, inflatable boats, air beam shelters and submarine escape systems, the Survitec’s ethos of continually pioneering new technologies into the market place ensures we remain at the forefront of safety and survival technology.

Life jackets for the defence industry

Life jackets are possibly one of the most important pieces of equipment onboard any vessel. So when an emergency arises, it is vital to know that the life jackets being employed are reliable, robust and secure. Survitec has over five decades experience in the design and manufacture of life jackets. We offer a broad range of naval and maritime life jackets, suitable for any safety requirement on virtually any vessel type.

Multi-seat life rafts for rotary and fixed wing aircraft

A range of high specification multi-seat life rafts for rotary and fixed wing aircraft are available with air droppable options. Bringing together the top life raft brands in the industry, Survitec is a market leading supplier that serves a worldwide customer base, including over 30 international navies.

From small transport crafts to large military vessels and naval fleets, we offer an extensive range of off-the shelf products, or alternatively can partner with our customers to provide customised solutions where required.

Single-seat life rafts

The single seat life raft is a unique life raft designed for one person, and is used in the most extreme circumstances. Suited to both fixed wing and rotary aircraft, it is specifically designed for when minimal weight and stowage are critical for aircraft operation.

We are the sole supplier of the single-seat life raft (RFD LRU23P) to the US Navy NACES program and we are currently developing solutions for the next generation of fighter aircraft, including JSF, EF2000 (Typhoon), JPATS and T-38.

Submarine escape equipment

Survitec has pioneered the development of submarine escape technology, introducing full garment protection as alternatives to Davis Equipment and Steinke Hoods, as far back as 1952.

Designed to provide protection for submariners from a stricken submarine, we offer a full range including single skinned suits with integrated life rafts, escape jerkins, inflatable abandonment suits, external submarine life raft systems and freeboard extenders.

We currently supply in excess of 30,000 units of equipment to nine international navies, with a manufacturing footprint that extends over three continents, including the Americas.

Marine evacuation systems

First devised and created by RFD in 1979, marine evacuation systems (MES) are now the preferred choice of life saving appliance on many large vessels today. The RFD Marin Ark is Survitec’s flagship MES. It is a totally unique design comprising of four fully reversible 100 person capacity life rafts, two fully enclosed telescopic descent chutes and one stowage unit.

It can be deployed by a single person and has been proven through rigorous physical testing, making it the number one MES of choice for some of the biggest naval and military organisations worldwide, including the US Navy and the UK MOD.

Inflatable and semi-rigid boats

Survitec pioneered the design and manufacture of rescue boats in 1931, making them the safest, most popular and widely used boats in the international survival market. Designed for commercial and military applications, and with broad adaptability, we offer our customers inflatable, semi-rigid and customised boat solutions. All of our boats meet the highest safety regulations in the industry including current SOLAS approvals.

U212 / U214 Submarines

The U212 submarine is capable of long-distance submerged passage to the area of operation. The German Navy ordered four of the submarines.

SSK Dolphin Class Submarine

Israel's three Dolphin Class submarines were designed by Ingenieurkontor Lubeck Prof Gabler Nachf GmbH (IKL), a subsidia

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