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Sonars, On-Board Systems and Antisubmarine Warfare Missions

SAES is an expert in the complex area of signal underwater processing, developing advanced technology for security and defence in marine environments.

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SAES is an expert in the complex area of signal underwater processing, developing advanced technology for security and defence in marine environments.

A significant number of products developed by SAES have dual applications in the civil and defence markets, such as intruder detection sonar.

Founded in 1989, SAES is classified as a strategic national company through NAVANTIA, INDRA and THALES its shareholders.

Sonar and on-board systems: experts in underwater signal processing

SAES specialises in the study, design and manufacture of sonar systems and underwater technology for security and defence.

Our systems offer high-reliability, easy operation and low-maintenance costs and include:

  • Intruder Detection Sonar. The high-frequency active sonar DDS-03 – Intruder Detection Sonar is designed to protect harbours, anchored vessels and critical infrastructure against underwater threats such as divers and underwater vehicles. DDS-03 can be integrated with any surveillance system
  • Sonar Modernization. SOCILSUB allows incorporation of new and advanced signal processing algorithms to improve the sonar performances, keeping the same cylindrical array in the submarine’s bow
  • Towed Array Sonar. SOLARSUB RDTAS is a reelable digital towed array sonar that provides a 360° detection range. It is simple to integrate with the combat system and easy-to-install on-board vessels
  • Towed Array Handling Systems (TAHS) allow the reeling of the array onto a capstan located on the submarine
  • Acoustic Classification. SICLA is a highly versatile system that can be integrated into any combat system, PC or laptop, and connected to any acoustic device such as sonars, sonobuoys and recorders
  • Underwater Acoustic Propagation. SEAPROF is a complete sonar performance and prediction system that allow the evaluation of any sonar in any underwater environment: ray tracing, propagation losses and FOM
  • Acoustic signature. ONMS is a self-noise monitoring system that provides automatic alerts
  • Noise Producer System is a useful device for sea testing of sonars, as well as for hydrophone calibration
  • SVB is a monitoring and surveillance system to control of the operating parameters of batteries, essential to increasing their lifespan

ASW systems for aircraft and surface vessels

SPAS – Sonobuoy Processing Acoustic Systems

ASW systems are based on sonobuoys for Maritime patrol aircraft (MPA), helicopter and surface vessels.

Building on more than 25 years of expertise in acoustic processing, SAES has developed and manufactured a complete family of Sonobuoy Processing Acoustic Systems (SPAS) that covers both Air and Naval ASW operations.

SPAS is capable of processing up to 64 passive and active sonobuoys simultaneously, including the most advanced digital sonobuoys:

  • SPAS – Sonobuoy Processing System
  • DSAP – Digital Sonobuoy Processing System
  • SPAS-SV – Sonobuoy Processing System for Surface Vessels

Ground systems

To support SPAS systems in ASW operations, SAES provides ground systems for post-mission analysis and training such as:

  • TAT – Tactical Acoustic Trainer for training and coaching of Acoustic Operators
  • FTAS – Fast Time Analyser System, allows to analyse the acoustic and tactical data (STANAG 4283 Annex C Ed. 5 Compliant) recorded during the ASW mission
  • SICLA ASW – Classification System

ROASW – Remote Operation ASW System

Always looking for new solutions, SAES has developed the ROASW – Remote Operation ASW System, a new concept that meets the new requirements of the ASW missions. Benefits include:

  • Digital sonobuoys which increase the effectiveness of the ASW system
  • Small footprint, less weight and low-maintenance (LRU approach) Collaboration in network-centric warfare (NCW), allowing the sharing of tactical and intelligence information between the resources deployed in the ASW mission
  • Use of both manned / unmanned air vehicles

Prioritize the use of smaller and faster combat ships (LCS, OPC, Corvettes, FAC) able to share tactical and intelligence information.

Advanced technology for electronics and underwater acoustics

In order to provide the navy and allied countries with the most advanced technology for electronics and underwater acoustics to meet new challenges in security and protection, SAES offer complete solutions in the following areas:

  • Underwater signature measurements: MIRS – Multi-influence Range System, DEWARS – Deep Water Acoustic Range System, SET-200/P – Underwater Electric Potential Sensor, ACINT & SIGINT
  • Naval mines: MINEA – Moored, Shallow Water and Cylindrical Bottom Mines, MILA – Limpet Naval Mines
  • Maritime security and environmental protection: SIDIS – Integral Security System, DDS-03 – Intruder Detection Sonar, DES – Underwater Deterrent System, SAR – Smart Acoustic Recorder, SIMOAC – Acoustic Monitoring System
  • Simulation and training: Submarine Tactical Simulator, Naval Tactical Simulator, SIM/STIM – Sonar Simulator/Stimulator
  • Engineering services and maintenance: Technical and engineering services on underwater technology area and ASW, from design phases up to maintenance and customer support as well the training of personnel

DDS-03: Intruder Detection Sonar

This high-frequency active sonar DDS-03 has been specifically designed for the detection of underwater threats, such as divers and manned and unmanned underwater vehicles (SDV, ROV or UUV), off¬ering protection and surveillance against the potential threat in ports, critical facilities, shipwrecks, environmentally protected areas, special events, and anchored boats.

ROASW System: Remote Operation ASW

ROASW system is a two-system segment (surface segment ROASW-SS & airborne segment ROASW-AS) capable to operate an ASW / ASuW mission by means of controlling remotely from the ROASW-SS manned / unmanned air vehicle in order to receive via data relay (STANAG 7085 compliance) the acoustic and tactical information from sensors (passive, active and digital).

SPAS: Sonobuoy Acoustic Processing System

Building on more than 30 years of expertise in acoustic processing, SAES has developed a complete family of Sonobuoy Processing Acoustic Systems (SPAS) that covers all maritime patrol airfcraft (MPA) and Helo anti-submarine warfare (ASW) operations.

Own Noise Monitoring System (ONMS)

If anything is changing the acoustic signature on-board the vessel, ONMS can be the difference between being detectable or not.

Diver Detection Sonar – DDS-03

DDS-03 is a high-frequency active sonar specifically designed to protect harbours, anchored vessels and critical infrastructures against underwater threats.

SAES Presents its Underwater Measurement Systems for the Civil Sector at World Maritime Week (WMW) in Bilbao

SAES exhibits at SINAVAL its MIRS model, a dual application, which works as a multi-influence radiation measurement system for ships as well as an underwater measuring station for environmental assessment. SINAVAL, focused on shipbuilding, is one of the five congresses held by the International Maritime Week. The event is organised by the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC) from 5 to 7 October.

SAES will Participate in European Project SEA Defence

The SEA Defence project 'Survivability, Electrification, Automation, Detectability, Enabling Foresight of European Naval Capabilities in Extreme conditions' is an event coordinated by the Dutch shipyard Damen aimed at providing the European Commission and the member states with a roadmap, which is complete and updated on the technologies that will be included in the next generation of naval platforms.

SAES Appoints New Company President and CEO

The SAES Board of Directors of SAES has agreed to appoint Sofía Honrubia Checa, commercial and business development vice-president in Navantia, as the new president of SAES.

Digital Sonar for Surveillance and Detection of Small Boats

SAES explains the conclusions and results deal with their participation in the European program CLOSEYE. SAES has developed a system based on sonar technology in order to detect the small boats typically used on illegal activities.

SAES at IDEF 2015

SAES - SA Electrónica Submarina, specialist in Underwater Electronics, is hosting a stand (Hall 2 - 204/G) at IDEF 2015 from May 5 to 8.

SAES - Sociedad Anónima de Electrónica Submarina

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