Bartington Instruments High-Performance Magnetometers for Marine Defence Applications

Bartington Instruments designs and manufactures high-precision, low-noise fluxgate magnetometers, gradiometers and data acquisition units for naval applications, used globally by many naval forces. Our instruments have a reputation for performance, reliability and durability, and are widely used for magnetic signature measurements in degaussing ranges, in surveillance and for magnetic anomaly detection.

Submersible magnetometer for degaussing ranges: Mag-03RC

The Mag-03RC has been designed for measuring magnetic signatures in degaussing ranges and can also be used for marine surveillance. It can operate at a depth of 2,000m with cables up to 2km in length, and has a MTBF of 75,000 hours. It has an inbuilt self-test facility and comes with a low noise specification of <20pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz.

Range of low-noise three-axis magnetic field sensors: Mag13

This versatile range of sensors for measuring geomagnetic and other background fields has applications in analysing the magnetic signature of ships for degaussing ranges. Sensors are available with noise levels <5pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz and for operation to depths of 5000 metres.

Low-Power magnetometers: Mag648S/Mag649S

These are compact three-axis magnetic field sensors, submersible to 2,000m, designed for applications requiring very low power consumption (15mW), including large networks of sensors in harbours and offshore surveillance. Packaged and unpacked versions are available including the low cost Mag648U-60-NS1, which has a noise band between 10 and 15pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz.

Submersible three-axis fluxgate sensor array: Mag613

This array of eight miniature sensors provides measurements over 24 channels (8 x three-axis) for precision magnetic field mapping. It can provide magnetic signature characterisation in pressurised environments up to 50 bars, or 500m depth. Sensing elements are less than 1cm³. A cable up to 5m connects them to the electronics unit, which contains the power supply, driving circuitry and analogue multiplexer.

Three-axis submersible gradiometer: Grad-13

Grad-13 is ideal for detecting unexploded ordnance or pipes and cables on the seabed. Housed within a carbon fibre pressure enclosure, it operates to depths of 200m (Grad-13S) and can be mounted on remotely operated vehicles or used on its own. With baseline options of 500mm, 750mm or 1,000mm between sensing elements, it has noise levels of <20pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz and bandwidth to 2kHz.

Data acquisition system: DAS1

This versatile, multi-sensor data acquisition unit is intended for use with large arrays of sensors and can take up to 480 analogue inputs. It is designed for operation with most Bartington Instruments magnetometers and is compatible with most depth and acoustic sensors. Measurements are sampled and recorded within a self-contained unit using a LabView™ based software interface.

Aerospace-qualified three-axis magnetic field sensors: Mag628/Mag629/Mag669

These three-axis fluxgate magnetic field sensors are designed specifically to meet the exacting environmental requirements of aerospace applications, and are ideally suited to applications such as vector compensation in airborne magnetometry. Mag629 and Mag669 have a rugged, mountable two-part construction sensor head assembly plus separate electronics module, with noise levels of <8pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz and <4pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz. Mag628 has unpackaged electronics for integration into existing systems.

Coils for naval equipment testing

HC1 coils have a diameter of 500mm and can produce a 0.1% homogeneous field in a volume of 260cm3. This coil is available as a single, two or three-axis unit. It generates fields of up to 500μT at DC, and 100μT at 3kHz.

The HC2 coil is intended for examining larger items and has a coil diameter of 1m. It produces a homogeneous field to less than 1% error in a volume of 14000cm³, and less than 0.1% error in a volume of 2500cm³. The HC2 comes in flat-pack form for customer assembly for easy installation and shipping.

The HC9 is a small Helmholtz coil, which has a low coil diameter of just 350mm and is built on aluminium coil formers. It can produce a homogeneous magnetic field of up to 1mT from DC to 440Hz, and over 100μT at 5kHz. It produces a homogeneous field to less than 0.1% error in a volume of 175cm³, and less than 1% error in a volume of 1150cm³.

Bartington’s HC16 coil has the same specification as the HC9, but is built on non-conductive coil formers, evading the possibility of producing eddy currents.

Ferronato™ Coils are used for testing large objects. We also supply Helmholtz coils produced by Serviciencia SL. These coils are compatible with the Bartington PA1 power amplifier and CU1 control unit, while they are available in 1.3m (BH1300) and 2m (BHC2000) sizes.

The Helmholtz Coil Control System includes the PA1 power amplifier, CU1 control unit, and CU2 closed-loop module. It allows production and control of the current to be applied to the Helmholtz coils.

Bartington Instruments also produces systems for equipment testing, including:

  • Degaussing Wand: This is a handheld device that creates an alternating field. The wand offers a suitable way to remove remnant magnetisation collected in equipment such as magnetic shields.
  • Magnetic Shields: These cylindrical chambers made of mu-metal (a nickel-iron soft ferromagnetic alloy) attenuate the Earth’s magnetic field of ~50,000nT to a level of ~1nT. They can be provided open-ended, or with capped ends to decrease noise.

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Bartington Instruments has announced that it is supporting diamond technology research, which will be carried out by the University of Warwick.

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