General Dynamics Mission Systems Underwater ISR – Littoral and Deep Sea Solutions

General Dynamics Mission Systems

General Dynamics Mission Systems ensures collaboration between General Dynamics businesses to provide the best intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) solutions.

Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance solutions for the naval industry

General Dynamics Mission Systems offers a broad range of capabilities and products, including avionics systems, cryptographic key management infrastructure systems, naval systems, and tactical communications information systems.

The organisation provides technology-based electronic systems, systems integration, and in-service support to defence organisations and public security markets worldwide.

General Dynamics’ underwater ISR products

General Dynamics Mission Systems supplies an open architecture, modular, multi-sensor, fully integrated sonar suite, which is suitable for all submarines and ships. The scalable architecture allows easy customisation of the required sensors.

General Dynamics Mission Systems provides underwater ISR solutions for any application as it is supported by innovative technologies in acoustic range prediction, embedded training and simulation.

The Matador torpedo detection system provides high-performance coverage and is easily integrated with a combat management system. It is also designed for submarine detection, and to interface with any underwater warfare sensor.

The VENOM 3U UYS-505 Sonobuoy acoustic processing system leverages commercial-level developments in hardware and the latest innovations in signal processing technologies, which maximises the detection of submerged threats in deep and coastal waters. VENOM 3U is built specifically for fixed and rotary-wing applications, and designed to enhance tactical awareness, reduce operator workload and resolve size, weight and power issues in smaller military aircrafts.

Open architecture computing infrastructure for surface vessels

The General Dynamics open architecture computing infrastructure (OPEN CI) provides reliable IT connection onboard surface vessels.

Using OPEN CI, surface vessels benefit from world-class integrated technology that can be upgraded quickly and with assurances of fleet-wide interoperability and seamless compatibility with future products. This approach delivers flexible and cost-effective solutions that provide faster mission-specific properties and deliver a higher return-on-investment (ROI) than proprietary systems.

Littoral combat ships

The littoral combat ship (LCS) by General Dynamic Mission Systems supplies speed, flexibility and mission adaptability to enable operations in littoral waters.

In addition to the company’s OPEN CI system, the LCS features a durable hull design, enabling functionality in adverse naval operations.

Deep sea solutions by General Dynamics Mission Systems

General Dynamic Mission Systems has applied its systems engineering and integration knowledge across various complex strategic, nuclear and conventional submarine weapons systems.

The company supplies complete systems and software engineering, production and lifecycle support services for weapon systems across the US Navy’s submarine fleet.

Lifecycle cost solutions offered by General Dynamics Mission Systems include its integrated support facility (ISF), which lowers costs and improves supportability for guidance system repair, and its shipboard electronics repair facility (SERF) that provides one location for repairs to various modules and systems.

The company’s capabilities are based on the integration of technologies into deliverable, modern capabilities for the US Fleet, which includes:

  • Comprehensive systems and software engineering, production, and lifecycle support services for:
    • Attack weapon system on the SSGN platform
    • Strategic weapon system on the SSBN platform
    • Weapon control system (WCS) and tactical control system (TCS) on the SSN platform
  • Guidance and flight electronics design, integration and production for the Trident missile system
  • Image processing and video exploitation for Virginia-class photonics mast workstation (PMW)
  • Lifecycle support through the company’s ISF and SERF solutions
  • Multipurpose processor (MPP) development and production for the Acoustic Rapid COTS Insertion (ARCI) programme
  • Towed array / hull array signal processing and displays

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General Dynamics Mission Systems

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General Dynamics Mission Systems

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