12thLevel is a data intelligence company that delivers powerful information solutions for clients in the defence industry. For 15 years, we have specialised in the design and development of preparedness and capability frameworks, particularly in the maritime domain.

We have extensive experience in data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, visualising information and presenting trusted objective quality evidence (OQE) to underpin key military decisions.

Defence information management for the naval sector

Our military customers manage key capabilities and rely on 12thLevel intelligence systems to make critical decisions, maintain a strategic advantage and reduce risk. Our deep knowledge and experience within defence business systems help expedite our results-driven approach.

12thLevel Product Development Cycle.
Seaworthiness Management Assurance Reporting Tool (SMART) alleviates data overload by presenting key issues that affect platform seaworthiness. This enables senior command to make traceable decisions to mitigate and treat operational risks.

The unique 12thLevel Exemplar design thinking methodology extracts value for our clients through discovery, co-design, prototyping and validation. It allows our clients to engage with confidence.

Our innovative approach ensures all key stakeholders precisely understand the problem to be solved. This reduces the risk for both sides and ensures that measurable value is delivered through any engagement.

Our customers are our advocates, and our testimonials speak for themselves. As an SME, our success is dependent on our reputation and value for money.

12thLevel has worked closely with the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces delivering systems to manage and improve capability outcomes.

Our specialisation in delivering customised SharePoint solutions with the ADF has been a significant growth area in 12thLevel’s business. The testimonials in this new area of our business are compelling.­­­

Empathic design

12thlevel’s Exemplar design thinking methodology ensures innovative solutions are delivered to increase value while mitigating risk at each design and development stage. Our focus on user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design ensures that we deliver relevant, intuitive and usable solutions to our clients.

Our facilitated discovery workshops are a bespoke service for clients to holistically frame their problem space and understand the key requirements for each persona identified in their user community. The workshops are highly valuable in determining project work that needs further requirement clarity.

Information capability in the naval sector

12thLevel has designed, developed and implemented numerous enterprise information systems into both fixed and deployed environments that cover:

  • Fleet scheduling
  • Navy divisional system
  • Career and workforce management (raise, train, sustain)
  • Platform readiness – people, materiel, training, mission
  • Audit and compliance (seaworthiness and airworthiness)
  • Seaworthiness management and key issue tracking

12thLevel provide specialist data intelligence services in the defence environment that leverages our deep system knowledge and the expertise of our data scientists. We specialise in the use of enterprise tools to provide curated data to decision-makers to offer evidence in supporting key decisions.

Our development team has highly qualified full-stack developers with security clearances that have the capability to deliver in protected and classified environments. Our deep SharePoint expertise allows rapid delivery of solutions in an approved platform.

Seaworthiness Management Assurance Reporting Tool

Seaworthiness Management Assurance Reporting Tool (SMART) is being developed with Australian Navy SURFACE FORCE to alleviate data overload by presenting the key issues that affect platform seaworthiness. This enables clear, traceable decisions to be made at a senior command level to mitigate and treat operational risks.

SMART provides the OQE captured through each stage of the sea release process and clearly highlights non-compliance, scheduling issues and any other risks to seaworthiness. Compliance checks based on the seaworthiness policy are automated and flagged by exception.

SMART analyses huge volumes of data and presents the key metrics that track seaworthiness at the command level. Superior knowledge of seaworthiness is enabling the Surface Force to better appreciate risk and adherence to policy.  Moreover, understanding the current and future availability and lethality of a platform to meet operational requirements offers opportunities for early intervention and prevention.

The software captures the scheme interdependencies of complement, configuration, individual and collective training and supply to mission-essential and non-mission essential tasks. This enables identification of real-time deficiencies and predictive analysis of seaworthiness against on the Operating and Support Intent (OSI).