SPC Promelectronica Naval Navigation Equipment and Marine Computers

The major activity of Scientific-Production Concern Promelectronica (SPC Promelectronica) is the development and production of naval navigation facilities and marine computers.

Since its founding in 1993, the company has employed advanced and innovation approaches to the development of military equipment in order to ensure the reliability and usability of its products.

Currently, SPC Promelectronica develops and manufactures the following products:

  • Navigation echo sounders
  • Survey echo sounders
  • Integrated bridge systems
  • Electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS)
  • Marine computers
  • Hydroacoustic transducers
  • Monitoring systems
  • Metrological provision for hydroacoustic facilities
  • Software

SPC Promelectronica has established itself as a trust worthy and dynamically developing company. The navigation facilities of SPC Promelectronica were used by the leading design institutes and bureaus of Russia in designing ships and vessels for various departments and organizations. The Concern’s products are employed on board Russian naval vessels and warships and the navies of India, China, Vietnam, Algeria and Turkey.

The Quality Management System of SPC Promelectronica complies with the requirements of ISO 9000:2008.

Navigation echo sounder

NEL-20K is a state-of-the-art echo sounder with a unified hardware component, featuring a number of modifications. It is intended for sounding the depth under the stern of a ship and displaying a profile of the sounded bottom with the time reference on a high-contrast graphic display unit.

The availability of two measurement channels (LF and HF) enhances the system reliability and provides a stable operation in aerated water layers.

It provides a wide range of measurements, up to 4,000m.

Survey echo sounders

The NEL-20KP survey echo sounder is designed as a single-beam echo sounder for deep-water hydrographic surveys.

Application of linear frequency-modulated signals ensures high noise immunity and spatial resolution, which provides surveying in areas with severe hydrophysical signal propagation conditions (presence of suspended matters, ice chips, turbulence, etc.). Less transmitting power at the given range of depths is required as compared to the use of audio signals, which simplifies a problem of providing hydroacoustic compatibility with other ship facilities.

The PEL-100 survey echo sounder is intended for sounding the depths on the rivers, inland water bodies and offshore zone coastal areas from small ships (motor boats, lifeboats) mainly.

Marine computers

High-performance computing systems of the industrial versions PEK-1000 (for military application) and PEK-2000 Vector (for civil application) are employed in various applications in the maritime fleet and navy.

When special-purpose software is used, the marine computers can operate echo sounder receivers, ECDIS receivers of radars, logs, gyro compasses and other navigation aids. Furthermore, a high efficiency provides the use of all above-mentioned applications in one whole construct. This is also facilitated by the availability of a great number of input-output ports including analog inputs.

The PEK-1000 and PEK-2000 Vector marine computers comply with the standard protection rating of electric enclosures IP22, which can be increased by the customer’s request.

By the customer’s request, the optional equipment such as a GNSS receiver, radar processor, RF modem, and others may be built in the marine computers.

Electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS)

The Segment unified electronic navigation and information system (UENIS) is intended for solution of navigational and other tasks by means of electronic chart navigation systems.

The Segment UENIS provides operational data reception, processing and display from various navigational and other sources including a radar and other navigation instruments.

The Segment UENIS is installed on board warships (vessels), submarine ships and motor boats, as well as in marine educational institutions and shore-based training systems for military personnel training.

Automatic underwater station

The APS-PE automatic underwater station is a system of integrated monitoring of hydrophysical and hydrochemical parameters of water zones with gridding.

BSS metrological provision

The IVK-PE measuring and computing system is a measuring device specially developed for the metrological provision of hydroacoustic depth measuring devices (bottom-bounce sonars).

The IVK-E system provides estimation of instrumentation error of navigational and survey echo sounders as measuring devices and real-time estimation of values of acoustic velocity in the sea water in the work performance area.

IVK-E is used for testing and calibrating of:

  • Single-beam and multi-beam navigation echo sounders
  • Single-beam and multi-beam survey echo sounders
  • Side-scanning sonars

Software for navigation aids

SPC Promelectronica develops and supplies the application-dependent software both of in-house and external manufacture for equipping navigational aids.

Integrated bridge system (IBS)

The integrated bridge system (IBS) is a combination of the systems associated between themselves, providing the navigation safety enhancement.

IBS is intended for improvement of quality and efficiency of establishing the control of a ship, its special and technical facilities by means of:

  • Establishment of the optimal favorable conditions for the crew activity
  • Optimization and unification of the ship pilot room equipment including the panels of special and technical facilities control
  • Improvement of the equipment service properties owing to introduction of the advanced information and control technologies and design solutions

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