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Modular, Lightweight USVs

United States of America

United States of America

SeaRobotics (SRC) specializes in small, smart vessels that are remotely or autonomously operated. Our clients include major military and commercial organizations, both US and foreign. SRC’s seasoned marine survey software interfaces with most data acquisition hardware, software and sensing systems.

SeaRobotics produces multi-spectral, DGPS-stamped data for survey, research or surveillance. Sensors include, but are not limited to: acoustic doppler current profilers (ADCPs), multi-frequency side-scan sonars (SSS), sub-bottom profilers (SBPs), turbidity, conductivity, temperature and depth. Video can be provided from our vessels in various formats. Our sensors include: compass, attitude (roll / pitch) power consumption and other performance measures for general vessel management.

Modular, lightweight USVs

Many of our vessels are small, modular and man-portable, allowing rapid deployment in remote areas or deployment by larger vessels. Our command and control systems are user-friendly and compact, allowing backpack mobilization.

Applications for our vessels range from bathymetric and hydrographic surveys through to coastal, harbor and river surveillance.

Our expertise in the conceptualization, design and fabrication of complex remote sensing systems provides the background required to create solutions for the most challenging remote sensing applications. Our work ranges from scientific, multi-spectral,high resolution-mapping of shallow waters through providing state of the art surveillance systems. SeaRobotics is extending the reach of unmanned systems technology.

Heavy payload catamaran USV

The USV-450 heavy payload catamaran has a maximum speed of 2m/s, a weight of 40 kg, LOA of 1.9m, and an 80kg instrument capacity, this vessel is an ideal base for complex instrument deployment systems, on board power generation and various special projects.

Mission-reconfigurable USV (MRUSV)

Our USV-600 MRUSV has a maximum speed of five m/s, weight of 40kg, LOA of 3m, and an 8 kg instrument capacity, this vessel is capable of the most demanding stream gauging or survey applications.

High speed trimaran USV

Our USV-1000 high-speed trimaran has a maximum speed of 2m/s, weight of 40kg, LOA of 1.9m, and an 80kg instrument capacity, this vessel is an ideal base for complex instrument deployment systems, onboard power generation and various special projects.

Special applications include unmanned multi-beam survey system with integrated Teledyne ODOM ES3-M sonar.

Catamaran MRUSV

The USV-2600 MRUSV has a weight of 41kg, LOA of 3.0m, a beam of 1.1m, and speed over 10kt. Instruments are easily reconfigured on our keyed-track and open-deck, catamaran design. Numerous sensors and energy storage options are available for the MRUSV.

Self-righting mono-hull USV

Our USV-5000 self-righting mono-hull USV has a maximum speed of 3.5m/s, a weight of 100kg, LOA of 4m, and a 50kg instrument capacity, enabling its use for multi-beam surveys. This vessel is very efficient and capable of heavier sea and surf zone operations due to self-righting features. The mono-hull is stable because of its deep keel and length.

USV services

SRC offers a full range of USV services, including:

  • Mission analysis
  • Experimental design
  • Conceptual design
  • Specification development
  • Software development
  • Hardware / electronics design
  • Hulls and propulsion
  • Vessel design
  • Vessel fabrication
  • Acceptance testing
  • Training and manuals
  • Spare parts
  • Field Service
  • Upgrades and modifications
  • Ongoing technical support

Seagull Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV)

Seagull is a multi-role unmanned surface vessel (USV) manufactured by Elbit Systems to meet the maritime warfare mission requirements of naval forces worldwide.



United States of America