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Strategic Defence Intelligence

Data for the Global Defence Industry

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Strategic Defence Intelligence provides an unrivalled source of early market intelligence for the international defence industry. Our clients tell us they are able to make better and more timely decisions using our platform, supporting strategic growth and securing large contracts.

Our intuitive business intelligence tool comprises of the latest market insights, raw data, pre-RFI requirements, tenders, reports, fleets, offset requirements, forecasts and past data, as well as direct access to our recognised team of industry experts.

Business opportunities tool for the naval industry

Users can gain access to 38 segments across 72 countries, with ten-year forecasts allow users to gain an insight into the future and plan business strategies accordingly. Crucially, subscribers can capitalise by identifying opportunities before competitors, staying one step ahead of the curve with the latest pre-solicitations, RFPs and tenders.

Explore new global defence markets and build entry strategies

Subscribers can identify profitable growth markets and avoid areas of risk and decline, allowing them to make confident, educated decisions that are backed by expert analysis and raw data.

The tool enables the forming of effective entry strategies with our market entry advice and recommended contacts.

Reduce risk by keeping an eye on your competition

Use our comprehensive competitor database to track your competition, clients and suppliers. Subscribers can analyse competitor trends and gain insight into their competitive strategy, as well as download and export in-depth company SWOT profiles.

Generate new business by finding and tracking prospective naval clients

Our subscribers can better understand and pre-empt their customers’ needs by monitoring their business movements, with an option to setup email alerts to keep up to date with your client’s activity. Seek synergies, partnership opportunities and strategically grow accounts.

Understanding global trends and impacts in the defence industry

Advantages for subscribers include:

  • Recognise emerging markets and trends
  • Benefit from first mover advantage by evaluating and understanding emerging trends early
  • Keep your company and products relevant by tailoring your business strategies according to the direction of the market

Naval sectors and segments

We cover:

  • C5ISR and ISTAR
  • Maritime simulators
  • Naval surface vessels and MRO
  • Naval vessel engines
  • Submarine and MRO
  • Sonar
  • Torpedo
  • Subsea warfare

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The Global Submarine Market 2013 – 2023

This report offers detailed analysis of the global Submarine Market over the next ten years, and provides extensive market size forecasts by country and sub sector. It covers the key technological and market trends in the Submarine Market.

The Global UAV Payloads Market 2012–2022

The Global UAV Payloads Market 2012–2022 report from Strategic Defence Intelligence offers detailed analysis of the global UAV Payloads market over the next ten years, and provides extensive market size forecasts by country and sub sector.

The Global Counter IED Market 2012–2022

The Global Counter IED Market 2012–2022 report from Strategic Defence Intelligence offers detailed analysis of the global Counter IED market over the next ten years, and provides extensive market size forecasts by country and sub sector.

The Global Homeland Security Market 2012–2022

The Global Homeland Security Market 2012–2022 report from Strategic Defence Intelligence offers detailed analysis of the global Homeland Security market over the next ten years, and provides extensive market size forecasts by country and sub sector.

Annual Deal Report – Defence

The 'Annual Deal Report'- Defence' provides a detailed understanding and review of M&A activity, capital raising, and partnering deals and agreements entered into by companies in the defence industry in 2011.

Strategic Defence Intelligence releases first yearbook

Strategic Defence Intelligence has released its first Yearbook. In this new venture for SDI, we take a look back at the world events and technological breakthroughs that shaped the year and investigate how the defence industry is responding to the challenge of the global economic downturn.

Argentina Defence Spending Forecast to Grow by 15.87% to 2015

Argentina, similar to other Latin American countries, is increasing its defence budget at a robust pace according to a new report form Strategic Defence Intelligence. The defence budget, which stood at $2.6bn in 2010, recorded a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.36% during the re

Timing of UK Defence Cuts Examined by Strategic Defence Intelligence

Recent unrest in the Middle East has prompted suggestions that the UK is carrying out its planned defence cuts at the worst possible time, reports Strategic Defence Intelligence. Over recent months, the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) has started implementing the cuts outlined in the Strat

Strategic Defence Intelligence Reports on Robots

Since science fiction first came up with the concept of robots, it has been assumed that, at some point in the future, human troops will be joined on the front line by anthropomorphic, or humanoid, robots. Strategic Defence Intelligence investigates a new programme that explores this theme furthe

Strategic Defence Intelligence Reports on Unrest and Revolution

The mass protests in the Middle East and North Africa have succeeded in overthrowing the leadership of oppressive regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, with potentially more to follow. Observers have likened the apparent domino effect to the fall of communism in Eastern bloc European countries, which beg

Export Deals Vital to Defence Industry Survival

2011 is set to be a difficult year for the defence industry. Companies will have to step up competitiveness and look to overseas markets to remain profitable. Once, the defence industry was dominated by a few leading and former nationalised companies that could be guaranteed a place on

The Hype Surrounding Cyberwarfare May be Excessive but the Risk is Real

A recent study carried out by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), about the potential effects of attacks on computer systems, suggests the risk of a true 'cyberwar' is minimal. However, governments and infrastructure suppliers must still ensure that adequate security

WikiLeaks Reveals Factors Influencing Military Contracts

WikiLeaks has disclosed that diplomats sometimes use a smear campaign to lessen the chances of other countries winning defence contracts. However, there is also an increasing trend for companies to use a variety of positive promotion techniques to secure bids. Some of the diplomatic cab

WikiLeaks Exposes Data Danger

The publication of US diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks demonstrates that the weakness in any system is the personnel with access to sensitive data. Whistleblowing website WikiLeaks has published more than 250,000 cables, many of which are classified as 'secret', sent by US embassies aroun

Time for Unmanned Surface Vehicles to Rule the Waves

In recent years, robotic systems have been used increasingly by the military. While they have proven their worth in the air, on the ground and underwater, unmanned surface vessels (USVs) have been the overlooked system. Now is the time for them to gain the credit they deserve. The succe

Russia Bucks Defence Spending Trend with Increased Outlay and Exports

Russia is the eighth largest defence spender globally and is forecast to spend $387.7bn during 2010 - 2015, finds Strategic Defence Intelligence. New research* from the defence business intelligence platform has revealed that during 2010 – 2015 Russia's overall defence expenditure i

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