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Beadwindow Pty Ltd

Warfighting Knowledge and Expertise for Naval Combat Systems and Technologies

Beadwindow advises engineering design, project and business development teams on actual warfighting needs; something that the operator sitting in the chair and their command team really need.

Level 2, 1 Southbank Boulevard,
Victoria 3006,

Level 2, 1 Southbank Boulevard,
Victoria 3006,

Beadwindow Pty Ltd

Beadwindow advises engineering design, project and business development teams on actual warfighting needs; something that the operator sitting in the chair and their command team really need.

We impart knowledge of naval combat system behaviours, processes and workflow; and how they might be improved with new technology offerings.

Expertise in naval combat system behaviour and processes

The modern naval warfighter is different. They don’t suffer lousy equipment and foolish interfaces lightly. They are quick to aim-and-blame the prime contractor and its OEMs. They expect worthwhile capability, but it’s not just about shiny ‘toys’, tactics, processes and people are part of the system, too.

Operator dissatisfaction with new and upgraded equipment is distracting and disappointing. They want sensors, weapons, systems and interfaces ‘that just work’, but are rarely consulted on their needs by capability development and procurement agencies.

Distraction can spell death for the mariner and warfighter alike. For industry, distractions blow out schedules, degrade profits and taints reputations.

Feasibility studies of naval capability concepts

Beadwindow is your engineering and commercial team’s ally when establishing new markets, pursuing opportunities, seeking to improve existing value, and sticking to schedule and cost.

The warfighter is central to our business, we advocate their needs through the capability lifecycle. We confirm or advise product or service idea feasibility or usefulness in a tactical and naval context.

We assist teams like yours to develop or decompose requirements. We install, test, train, trial new and modified combat system equipment. Beadwindow ensures you are comprehensively fit-for-purpose.

Warship engineering management integrated logistics support

Client-side delivery of engineering management and integrated logistics support, particularly systems training allow us to get ‘hands on’ with the warship.

Beadwindow prevents big problems occurring by identifying and fixing little problems quickly; it’s all about open and honest two-way dialogue with the crew and their supporting shore agencies.

Client satisfaction will never be higher, nor will your reputation and everything stemming from it.

Beadwindow is your missing link to success in the naval and maritime defence industry.

Optimisation of naval combat systems

We facilitate:

  • Improved understanding of your naval client and their operating context, resulting in better and longer-lasting relationships
  • Reduced system development costs and an accelerated approach to market
  • Increased market share and better profits by managing or contributing to bid responses and unsolicited approaches
  • Minimised warranty and contract management issues by fighting ‘scope creep’ and identifying hidden and implied client requirements before equipment is installed and accepted
  • Increased acceptance and confidence in new and modified combat system equipment by designing, developing and delivering fit-for-purpose training to operators and maintainers
  • Minimised problems during delivery, installation and set-to-work through on-site client-side engineering management
  • An enduring positive customer experience, meaning you become and remain valuable to your client; you are a part of their team

The bottom line is this: warfighters demand success at sea. You want to give them that. We help you do it.

Action your naval combat system concept, technology, product or service with Beadwindow. We know what’s really needed.

With more than $5bn worth of successful outcomes since 2012, others think so too.

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Beadwindow Capability Statement

Beadwindow is an internationally recognised Australian company with a hard-fought reputation advocating the needs of the modern naval warfighter.

Beadwindow Pty Ltd

Level 2, 1 Southbank Boulevard


Victoria 3006