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CNIMCNIM provides environment, energy, defence and high-technology solutions for leading naval organisations, local authorities and national governments.

Technical advancement is at the core of the equipment and services manufactured by the group, while it contributes to making cleaner, more competitive energy. It also develops safer facilities and infrastructures, protecting individuals and nation states.

Amphibious landing craft for maritime applications

The entire range of CNIM landing craft have exceptional operational end-to-end capabilities, including very shallow draft (≈ 1m), heavy payload / high speed, and access to very low gradient beaches (2%).

The range suits all practical and amphibious mission scenarios such as amphibious, naval and maritime security operations.

Ship-to-shore systems for naval operations

L-CAT® Ship-to-Shore solutions have been in service in the French Navy since 2011 and the Egyptian Navy since 2016. They ensure rapid projection of tactical personnel during amphibious operations conducted from motherships with a Nato-standard amphibious vessel.

Ship-to-Shore achieves very exceptional performances in terms of mobility and manœuvrablility, including:

  • High speed – 30k
  • High payload – 80t
  • Very shallow water operations

Flexible shore-to-shore autonomous projections crafts

L-CAT Shore-to-Shore is an innovative autonomous projection craft providing significant operational flexibility and tactical benefits for amphibious assaults and humanitarian operations. Shore-to-Shore does not compromise between speed and payload during logistic operations and offshore manoeuvres conducted from LPD with Nato well deck.

The only vessel with these exceptional abilities is able to transport 80t at 25k in conditions up to sea state 5. It is also able to land in shallow water (~1m) and accommodate a crew of 44.

Extended ship-to-shore and shore-to-shore operational capabilities

L-CAT® Ship-to-Shore and L-CAT® Shore-to-Shore provide global solutions from logistics to military and humanitarian operations. Services include:

  • Logistical: accommodating, launching and recovering semi-rigid boats (10m, 7t) from L-CAT® vessels.
  • Operational: simple speed deployment in less than three minutes and can handle rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIB) with a wide surface area of 127m² in heavy seas.
  • Safety: Underwater robot deployment from L-CAT® amphibious craft: the robot provides real-time data to the pilot station for a safety deployment.

Landing craft assault solutions

Adaptable to any type of Nato or Makassar class well decks, the landing craft assault (LCA) solution is designed to efficiently transfer equipment and troops ashore. The LCA quickly lands and picks up ground forces during amphibious assault operations.

The robust LCA has an efficient transfer of forces capacities such as excellent mobility and manoeuvrability, shallow water beaching (~1m) as well as roll-on roll-off capabilities. It allows well decks to travel at 13k with a 65t payload (80t maximum).

Multi-missions landing craft

CNIM Group offers dockable craft for naval forces, specialising in the reconnaissance, preparation and execution of maritime and amphibious operations from a Nato well decks mothership.

LCX is the latest major asset for forces operating from a mothership. It, therefore, increases their intervention capability for countering growing regional threats in the subsea environment or during amphibious assaults.

Multipurpose LCX offer excellent capabilities, including:

  • A high degree of seaworthiness and manoeuvrability
  • A 360° wheelhouse and a built-in command post
  • The LCX can accommodate anti-submarine and mine warfare troop detachments for conducting or joining reconnaissance, identification and threat-neutralisation operations
  • A speed of 20k (35k without cargo) and a 65t payload capacity

About CNIM Group

CNIM Group was established in 1856 and is a French naval equipment producer and industrial contractor operating worldwide.

The company is registered on the Euronext exchange in Paris, France. The company relies on a stable family-based majority shareholding structure committed to development.

CNIM employs 2,570 employees and had a turnover of €635m in 2017. A total of 52% of the revenue was posted for export.

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Press Release

CNIM to Exhibit at Eurosatory in June

The CNIM Group will be at Eurosatory, the international land and airland Defence and Security exhibition, which will be held in Paris on 11-15 June.

White Papers

L-CAT Amphibious Landing Craft

The L-CAT is a high-speed sea connector for amphibious operations in the areas of military, logistics support and disaster relief.

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Press Release

8 June 2018

The CNIM Group will be at Eurosatory, the international land and airland Defence and Security exhibition, which will be held in Paris on 11-15 June.

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CNIM and Bertin Technologies will be exhibiting its defence and security industrial equipment at the Defence and Security Equipment Industry event (DSEI).

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21 September 2016

CNIM will be exhibiting at Asian Defence and Security (ADAS) 2016 from 28-30 September at the World Trade Centre, Metro Manila Philippines (WTCMM).

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20 April 2011

CNIM has released two white papers to showcase the capabilities and specifications of their L-CAT (landing catamaran) and MPC (multipurpose patrol craft) vessels. The L-Cat is a high speed sea connector that can be used for military operations, including the transportation of heavy equi

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1 June 2009

CNIM have developed the L-Cat: the next generation in landing catamaran. With the speed of a conventional landing craft and the stability and mobility of a catamaran, the L-Cat is able to rapidly and safely transport troops from ship to shore. To find out more about the L-Cat please downl

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