JHL Communication Technology

Communication and Information Equipment for Naval Environment

Friedhofstr. 4,
94508 Germany

JHL Communication Technology (JHLCT) combines its experience in communication and information equipment, with the expertise of our telecommunications and data processing specialists to provide customers in the naval market with solutions to meet their communications requirements.

As an independent contractor and distributor of naval information and communication technology, JHLCT designs and provides information and communication systems, while ensuring the customer’s requirements are exceeded.

Communication and information systems for naval applications

In addition to consultancy and design services, JHLCT distributes an extensive portfolio of carefully selected products and systems manufactured by world-leading and advanced naval defence-related industries. JHLCT provides customers with life-time support of fully integrated information and communication systems.

Integration of information and communication technology

JHLCT relies on its extensive experience in the integration of information and communication technology for the design and deployment of naval information and communications systems used in combat scenarios and peacekeeping missions. Interoperability is key at JHLCT, as our equipment has been deployed for missions under sponsorship from Nato, the European Union, United Nations and other internationally-recognised organisations.

Adapting and ruggedising commercial-off-the-shelf products and systems

Not only do JHLCT employees possess experience in communication and information equipment for naval functions, but they also specialise in adapting, ruggedising commercial-off-the-shelf products and systems for harsh naval environments.

JHLCT’s functional areas in naval communications include:

  • Tender management (specification, request for quotation, to name a few)
  • Design and engineering services
  • External communication systems
  • Crypto systems
  • Data handling systems
  • Time and frequency reference systems
  • Power distribution systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Ship telephone systems
  • Closed circuit television (CCTV)
  • Public address and alarm systems
  • Amusement systems
  • Message handling systems
  • Flight deck communication systems
  • ALE controllers 2G and 3G
  • LF / HF / UHF data modems
  • STANAG 5066 data / messaging systems

Naval communications equipment

JHLCT uses its knowledge in the field of naval information and communication systems to offer products fully compliant with existing and emerging Nato standards, being at the same time interoperable within Nato, coalition, partner countries and legacy systems that must be kept in operation.

JHL Communication Technology GmbH

Friedhofstr. 4