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Calzoni S.r.l. (former Riva Calzoni) is an Italian Company, part of Kollmorgen EO, which has been operating in the naval market for more than 40 years. Calzoni is one of the leading European companies for the engineering and manufacturing of submarine systems, surface naval systems, automation and control systems, aerospace products, visual landing aids and special equipment for the Navy.

The high technology level of Calzoni in the field of hydraulics, mechanics and electronics is the result of constant applied research for the development of systems and components aimed to meet customers’ specific requirements.


UMM consists of a non-hull penetrating mast, specifically conceived to be fitted with different type of sensor packages utilizing basic common hardware. Single or multiple stages will deploy these sensors at the desired elevation.

UMM has been under full production scale for a number of years, being designated by the US Navy as sole source system for the Virginia Class submarines and is presently being retrofitted on other submarine platforms in the US and internationally, providing to the customer the benefits of minimum lead times and competitive costs.

UMM has been integrated with optronic, communications and MilSatcom, high data rate electronic support measure, and mission fit sensor group.

UMM allows for minimum maintenance downtime and thus optimised LCC.


The Minehunting Propulsion System (MHPS) consists of a set (one, two or three) of azimuthing fully retractable thrusters, hydraulically operated and controlled by an integrated control system that allows simple coordinated manual control of all thrusters and system monitoring.

System design is based on tight requirements related to shock resistance and ship signature reduction (underwater noise, magnetic signature). MHPS provides an outstanding maneuvering capability for optimal performances in minehunting operations.

A purpose-developed autopilot MHAP 20 can be integrated to the MHPS or to the propulsion system to provide outstanding hovering and track keeping performances.


The wide experience of Calzoni in Weapon Handling Systems (WHS) led to several designs tuned to satisfy specific customer requirements. WHS can be operated either manually, remotely or automatically according to customer specifications.

WHS design spans from heavyweight torpedo, to SAM missiles, lightweight torpedo, decoy rockets to ROVs. Calzoni is presently active in the lightweight torpedo handling on the Horizon program.

The overall advantages of Calzoni WHS are the short reloading time, limited number of operators and the intrinsic safety of the whole operation, human error free, so that it can be performed even in adverse sea conditions without degradation.


Calzoni Visual Landing Aid (VLA) system VLS-2000 is a new concept landing system, specifically designed for the optical guidance to decking of helicopters and VSTOL aircraft on ships.

This product, originally developed by Panerai Sistemi, has been subject to a thorough update and review, introducing LED technology to improve brightness and reliability, reducing life-cycle costs, and assuring NVIS compatibility.

VLS-2000 is able to support all weather day/night operations and is designed to meet MIL-STD standards.

The VLS-2000 system is composed of:

  • LED glide slope indicator
  • Horizon reference bar
  • Deck lights
  • Multipurpose projectors

The overall system is fully dimmable and is controlled by the flight deck officer through a LCD synoptic panel, fully programmable and with pre-set configurations for different missions.


A Universal Modular Valve (UMV) design that incorporates all the benefits of the Calzoni standard gas exhaust valve (high reliability, submarine lifetime corrosion resistance, low noise operations during deployment, absolute water-tightness, low temperature exhaust flow) is today available in a new forged construction and modular configuration to simplify and optimise the diesel-exhaust plant.

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Press Release

CALZONI Stabilized Glide Slope Indicator Selected for DDG 1000 ZUMWALT Class Destroyers of US Navy

"The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, Lakehurst, NJ selected the innovative CALZONI LED and fiber optics technology for the Stabilized Glide Slope Indicator System (SGSI) of the DDG 1000 Program. The contract has been awarded to a Team composed by General Scientific Corporat

Calzoni S.r.l.

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Press Release

10 June 2008

"The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, Lakehurst, NJ selected the innovative CALZONI LED and fiber optics technology for the Stabilized Glide Slope Indicator System (SGSI) of the DDG 1000 Program. The contract has been awarded to a Team composed by General Scientific Corporat

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Calzoni S.r.l.

Via A. De Gasperi 7

40012 Calderara di Reno




+39 051 41377 +39 051 4137555

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