Ship Fire and Smoke Detectors

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DECKMA supply a wide range of ship fire detectors and accessories, including:

  • Optical smoke detectors
  • UV flame detectors
  • Thermal detectors

Our range of detectors can be installed in a variety of locations around a ship. Blast-proof detectors and bases can be mounted in areas where explosions are likely to occur.

Fire detection systems for vessels at sea

Our FMS 3000 fire detection systems is equipped with 8, 16, 24 or 32 detection loops and it is approved by German Lloyd (GL) and Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (LRoS). Designed with 24V loop voltage the FMS 3000 is compatible to a variety of smoke detectors and is thus also an ideal replacement for defective or obsolete systems without the necessity of detector replacement or new cabling.

The small dimensions of the FMS 3000 operating unit allows the system to be installed directly to the bridge console. Wall mounting is also possible. Because the system is equipped with different potentially free alarm contacts, external sirens and beacons can be connected and the signals can be forwarded to a already existing general alarm system or to a voyage data recorder (VDR) using the optional NMEA 0183 interface.

The FMS 3000 can be used as a stand-alone system, as well as a control panel for a ship’s combined safety” system. We are offering a wide range of conventional fire detectors and mounting bases as well as manual call points, testing devices and spares to ensure working readiness for your fire detection system.

Ship smoke detection systems

The SFMS 3000 smoke detection system is used to continuously check a vessel’s cargo holds for smoke. Air is sucked from all compartments to the detection cabinet where the air passes along smoke detectors analyzing the samples. In most cases the already installed pipes of the CO2 fire extinguishing system can be used to minimize the installation work and cost. By using three-way valves both systems can be operated alternately.

Built-in pressure switches initiate an alarm in case the airflow stops due to blocked pipes or dirt.

All alarms and other signals can be forwarded to a bridge-mounted control panel. The combined safety concept allows for the combining of the SFMS 3000 with other onboard fire alarms such as the FMS 3000, thus saving cost. Only one control panel  is necessary for both systems. A parallel printer can be connected to log alarms if required and the data can be forwarded to a voyage data recorder (VDR).

The SFMS 3000 smoke detection system is approved to be used in cargo holds loaded with explosive goods.


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