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Consilium Provide Visual Flame Detection to Stena Line

Consilium has provided detection technology for Stena Line’s Ro-Ro deck.

The technology would respond to small fires rapidly in severe environmental conditions, while delivering a high level of false alarm immunity.

The detector had to be immune to exhaust emissions from vehicles, inclement weather and radiant heat sources.

Within the marine industry, there is a growing concern at the number of reported fires in Ro-Ro spaces. DNV GL recently reported in a paper entitled, “Fires on Ro-Ro Decks”, dated April 2016, that between 2005 and 2015, 35 fires occurred. The causes of the fires ranged from electrical fires to vehicle fires and cargo shifting and igniting. Some of these fires were reported as catastrophic with a high number of fatalities or loss of the vessel.

Visual flame detection

Consilium proposed the CD-F-301 Visual Flame Detector™ for use in the Ro-Ro deck. The ability of the CD-F-301 to ignore exhaust emissions and radiant heat sources while delivering superior flame detection performance was the deciding factor. It also outputs a live CCTV Colour video feed, which meets with DNV GL’s recommendations outlined in the aforementioned report. The critical benefits the CD-F-301 provides is a live colour video of the Ro-Ro deck, fast response flame detection to a multitude of fire scenarios, and high false alarm immunity.

During the six-month testing period, the speed of response of the CD-F-301 was proven with live fire tests. The detector responded to different fire scenarios in less than five seconds across different areas of the deck.

As detailed by DNV GL, previously reported fires burned for many hours resulting in fatalities and severe damage to the vessel. The rapid response time of the CD-F-301 ensures fires are extinguished almost immediately.

In addition to these benefits, the detector also houses a micro-SD card, which records all fires detected – pre-alarm and post-alarm. If a fire were to occur, this enables Stena Line to review the footage post-event to learn lessons and increase safety for the future.

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