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Modular Floating Platforms

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Cubisystem is produced by a French company, one of the industry leaders in the production of modular floating platform systems. Cubisystem is an innovative solution utilised on an international level in a range of applications. Applications of Cubisystem within the naval industry include marinas, harbours, service pontoons, floating bridges, leisure pontoons (such as diving, water skiing, parachutes, swimming platforms, rowing clubs, dry docks for PWC and motor boats)

The Cubisystem is blow moulded in high molecular density polyethylene. Each platform is reinforced with carbon and resistant to UV rays. Demonstrations can be arranged, and the maximum effort is made to encompass each specific customer requirement within the Cubisystem service.

Aside from the naval applications, the Cubisystem is utilised in a broad range of industries. The solution has proved invaluable to the police and infantry as floating helicopter landing pads, to the public works as working platforms and transport barges, and even floating performance stages for events such as live concerts.


The Cubisystem is almost indestructible, simply designed and easy to assemble. One of the main advantages of the Cubisystem is that it does not require any maintenance or decommissioning, saving labour and time. Additionally, it displays an unrivalled load capacity, yet the system’s modular design makes it lightweight and easy to transport.

Another advantage of the system is its versatility. The Cubisystem has multiple uses, and the add-on feature allows complete layout flexibility. It also has an adjustable freeboard and special interchangeable accessories. These advantages equate to a long product life and an economic choice. Each system is guaranteed, and our factory has the Lloyd’s Register ISO 9001.


An important feature of the Cubisystem is its durability. Manufactured with strong material, the platforms are weatherproof, flame and chemical retardant and UV stabilised, in short, they are almost indestructible. Each product is extensively tested, ensuring it is suitably impact absorbent, wear resistant and equipped for a long life of service.

The Cubisystem is safe in its approach to the environment as well as to users. It is highly stable, and manufactured from non-pollutant materials. With its low installation costs and minimum upkeep levels, the solution can form the basis of excellent value permanent or temporary structures.


The product is manufactured from 100% recyclable material. It is also rot-proof and resistant to acids, bases and hydrocarbons. The Cubisystem has dimensions of 68cm by 68cm by 40cm, and a weight of approximately 11kg. It has buoyancy of the following measurements,

  • 385kg/m² with one row
  • 755kg/m² with two rows
  • 1,125kg/m² with three rows

The Cubisystem has four connection lugs, with a resistance of around 3t per unit; Cubilock lugs guarantee the stability and strength of the system.