LINKSrechts GmbH Helicopter Visual Landing Aid Systems (HVLAS), Submarine LED Lighting, and Special LED Lighting Solutions

With more than 50 sold Helicopter Visual Landing Aid Systems (HVLAS) and more than 20 sold interior LED Lighting System for submarines, LINKSrechts is well known among customers and Navies worldwide as a professional and flexible business partner providing the latest design and technology available on the market.

We develop our systems on a turnkey basis meeting different customer requirements. This makes our products adaptible for most lighting applications onboard ships and submarines.

LINKSrechts products are installed on the latest ship designs worldwide. Our products are unique thanks to consequent and permanent development.

Helicopter Visual Landing Aid System

LINKSrecht’s delivers complete Helicopter Visual Landing Aid Systems, including LED Glide Path Indicators, LED Horizon Reference Systems, LED Flood Lights as well as LED Flight Deck Lighting. LINKSrechts also delivers Lighting Control Panels with integrated touch panel to monitor aviation weather, ship movement, wind limitations as well as to control helideck equipment. We call those system Helicopter Integrated Monitoring and Control System (HCIMCS).

The VLAs’ main advantages include:

  • High range for the Glide Path Indicator (>5nm) and exact light distrubution due to the use of latest LED Technology and high precision optics
  • Complete NVG compatible
  • Two modes of operation for the complete system (NVG-mode, Normal-mode)
  • High brightness due to LED technology for safe daylight and bad weather operation
  • Outside mounting due to non-corrosive antimagnetic materials
  • Radar cross section reduced
  • Proved according to the latest relevant shipbuilding and aviation standards
  • Long lifetime
  • Extremely low lifetime costs due to LED technology
  • Low mounting and cabling costs due to an integrated system
  • Integrated system for all flightdeck operations
  • Easy exchange of single components due to a modular system
  • Minimized maintenance costs
  • NVG compatible

LED submarine lighting

LINKSrechts provides complete interior LED submarine lighting solutions meeting current requirements for submarine shipbuilding (EMI/EMC/shock/vibration).

Using LED lighting extends the diving time significantly on diesel-electric submarines. The total power savings is apprioximately 75 percent compared to regular lighting systems. This will reduce lifetime costs and maintenance. Our products are consequently designed for easy installation and easy maintenance. Our components can be installed without shockmounts and are extremely light weight and small.

All submarine lighting is tailor made to client specifications.

LINKSrechts is proud to announce the delivery of the first complete interior lighting system for the Spanish Navy.

LINKSrecht products have already been successfully used in submarines worldwide, with clients including the German, Italian, South Korean, Greek and Spanish navies.

LED emergency divers light

LINKSrecht also developed a handheld emergency diver’s light for deep-sea operations. The unit consists of a LED powered portable light and a contactless charger, and is tested successful in accordance with the latest German submarine requirements for the German submarine protocols.

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Press Release

LINKSrechts is now in the Glamox Group for Further Growth in the Navy Market

Glamox has acquired 100% of the shares in the company LINKSrechts.

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LINKSrechts Advanced Naval Lighting System

LINKSrechts has made a name for itself with the Helicopter Visual Landing Aid System HVLAS.

LINKSrechts GmbH

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Press Release

15 June 2016

Glamox has acquired 100% of the shares in the company LINKSrechts.

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7 August 2014

LINKSrechts has successfully reached an agreement to supply a full LED lighting system for 30 offshore patrol boats.

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15 April 2014

LINKSrechts is proud to announce the accomplishment of the following major business milestones in the collaboration with HDW (TKMS), in Germany, related to its LED lighting systems for submarines

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6 November 2013

LINKSrechts has commissioned nine helicopter visual landing aid systems, full NVG compatible, for six different navies in three continents in 2013

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9 May 2012

LINKSrechts is proud to announce it has successfully commissioned, after HAT and SAT trials performed by the French Navy, a vision goggle (NVG) compatible flight deck lighting systems for the Hermes Class OPV, L'Adroit, built by DCNS in Lorient, France.

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16 February 2011

LINKSrechts is proud to announce it is delivering four night vision goggle (NVG) compatible flight deck lighting systems for the upgrade of the Almirante Padilla Class frigates. The system includes deck lighting, the newest generation glide path indicator and a horizon reference system

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2 April 2009

The Spanish navy has installed a complete LED-based interior lighting system to extend battery time and reduce snorkelling time to recharge the batteries of S80 submarines. The system, which was developed by Spain's navy and LINKSrechts, offers calculated power savings of up to 75%, w

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LINKSrechts GmbH

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Mr Uwe Hoven +49 4105 580 59 31 +49 4105 580 59 59

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