LINKSrechts GmbH Helicopter Visual Landing Aid Systems (HVLAS), Submarine LED Lighting, and Special LED Lighting Solutions

LINKSrechts has made a name for itself with the Helicopter Visual Landing Aid System (HVLAS).

LINKSrechts understands the challenges of today’s navies (world-wide operation areas, increased skill spectrum, short innovation circles, reducing budgets, network-centric naval forces, and demographic transition) and therefore designs high-performing and cost-effective turnkey systems for naval vessels.

Helicopter visual landing aid systems

LINKSrechts’ Helicopter Visual Landing Aid System (HVLAS) has an adaptable design, which is suitable for all helicopter types and operating modes such as NVG Stage III, helicopter in-flight refuelling (HIFR), and vertical replenishment (VERTREP). The HVLAS includes LED Glide Path Indicators, LED Horizon Reference Systems, LED Flood Lights, and LED Flight Deck Lighting.

The system has lighting control panels with an integrated touch panel to monitor weather, ship movement and wind restrictions, as well as to control refuelling, GPU and firefighting equipment.

The helicopter-integrated monitoring and control system (HCIMCS) provides a broad NVG-compatible helideck solution and is produced on a turnkey basis to meet any client requirement.

Helidecks are subjected to adverse environmental situations on ships or offshore platforms, including salt-water, high-speed winds and extreme sunlight. These factors affect landing platforms and the safety of crew and pilots. LINKSrechts’ HVLAS is a modular solution, which features state-of-the-art components and allows various configurations for several requirements on naval and civil vessels.

Unique lighting demands for different areas of a ship

HVLAS components meet the demanding physical requirements due to the naval environmental conditions, operational areas (Tropic, Arctic and Antarctic Sea), as well as Flight Safety First guidelines.

The solution offers illumination, optical references and signals indication throughout helicopter operations on the helicopter flight deck of seagoing vessels.

Imperative features when working with lighting systems for helidecks are:

  • High range for the Glide Path Indicator (>5 NM) and exact light distribution due to the use of up-to-date LED equipment and high-precision optics
  • NVG-compatible
  • Two modes of operation for the complete system, including NVG-mode and Normal-mode
  • High brightness due to LED technology for harmless daylight and bad weather operation
  • Outdoor mounting due to non-corrosive anti-magnetic resources
  • Radar cross section decrease
  • Verified according to the latest relevant shipbuilding and aviation standards
  • Extended lifetime
  • Exceptionally low lifespan expenses due to LED lighting
  • Low mounting and wiring charges due to an integrated system for all flight deck procedures
  • Easy interchange of single modules
  • Reduced maintenance costs and power consumption (high energy efficiency)
  • Mechanical strength / impact resistance

Advanced naval lighting systems for vessels

The Advanced Naval Lighting System (ANLS) offers comprehensive ship lighting, which features interior, exterior, as well as signal and navigation lighting.

The ANLS package is provided on a turnkey basis and uses 3D lighting simulations, engineering design, and comprehensive cable planning. It also involves the supply of all essential constituents of the complete illumination structure up to start-up and beyond worldwide technician service.

The modular style of the ANLS complements the latest development of flexible and modular ship design models. For each part of the vessel and with regard to the respective room’s purposes and scenarios, a precise system design is carried out and an ideal luminaire selection and its position are established.

The ANLS comprises standard, emergency and special purpose lighting in one system together with power supplies, control panels and switches, which are attached by small, power and information distribution units.

The requirements for illumination systems on naval ships are extremely different and highly specific. Assessing the conditions of naval vessel designs has shaped the following objectives for the system:

  • Modular design for optimised and tailored light setups all over the naval vessel
  • High-performance LED equipment and intelligent electronics successfully combined
  • Single cables for low energy and high information delivery with combined data system, including presence detection or visible and invisible information distribution.
  • Emergency lighting in the main lighting system: multi-functionality instead of extensive hardware
  • Modern ergonomic competence to develop the crew’s awareness and comfort

Advanced submarine lighting for naval submarines

The Advanced Submarine Lighting System (ASLS) is a flexible electrical lighting solution for use on-board undersea vessels.

The ASLS is a dependable, cost-effective and zero-maintenance lighting solution, which provides practical lighting to advance work efficiency and crew well-being.

Specifications of the ASLS:

  • Modular design for optimised and customised light scenarios throughout the submarine
  • Combined 24VDC LED equipment and intelligent electronics
  • Solitary wires for low power and high information distribution
  • Emergency illumination fixed in the core lighting system: multi-functionality
  • Latest ergonomics for improved crew well-being

The consideration of ergonomic features, capabilities of the human eye in cooperation with hormone management is imperative and can be considered by ASLS.

About LINKSrechts

With more than 100 HVLAS in service with more than 20 navies in five continents, LINKSrechts is well-known among customers and navies worldwide as a professional and flexible business partner.

As a market trendsetter in LED lighting system solutions for navies, LINKSrechts has supplied 50 advanced submarine lighting systems and 30 advanced naval lighting systems for more than 15 navies.

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Press Release

LINKSrechts is now in the Glamox Group for Further Growth in the Navy Market

Glamox has acquired 100% of the shares in the company LINKSrechts.

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LINKSrechts Advanced Naval Lighting System

LINKSrechts has made a name for itself with the Helicopter Visual Landing Aid System HVLAS.

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Press Release

15 June 2016

Glamox has acquired 100% of the shares in the company LINKSrechts.

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7 August 2014

LINKSrechts has successfully reached an agreement to supply a full LED lighting system for 30 offshore patrol boats.

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15 April 2014

LINKSrechts is proud to announce the accomplishment of the following major business milestones in the collaboration with HDW (TKMS), in Germany, related to its LED lighting systems for submarines

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6 November 2013

LINKSrechts has commissioned nine helicopter visual landing aid systems, full NVG compatible, for six different navies in three continents in 2013

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9 May 2012

LINKSrechts is proud to announce it has successfully commissioned, after HAT and SAT trials performed by the French Navy, a vision goggle (NVG) compatible flight deck lighting systems for the Hermes Class OPV, L'Adroit, built by DCNS in Lorient, France.

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16 February 2011

LINKSrechts is proud to announce it is delivering four night vision goggle (NVG) compatible flight deck lighting systems for the upgrade of the Almirante Padilla Class frigates. The system includes deck lighting, the newest generation glide path indicator and a horizon reference system

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2 April 2009

The Spanish navy has installed a complete LED-based interior lighting system to extend battery time and reduce snorkelling time to recharge the batteries of S80 submarines. The system, which was developed by Spain's navy and LINKSrechts, offers calculated power savings of up to 75%, w

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