Schneider Electric Global Specialist in Military and Offshore Marine Energy Management

Worldwide specialist in the energy management, present in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions for five key markets: Energy and Infrastructure, Industry, Buildings, Data Centers and Networks, and Residential. The marine activity, one of the major segments of the energy activity and infrastructure, gathers total competences in marketing, offers and services in the fields of the merchant, military and offshore marine industries.


With over 90 years experience assisting 15 navies with energy management solutions, we are well-qualified to supply integrated systems and services for the power and control functions related to naval surface vessels and submarines.

Energy management technology consultation and design services

Involved right from the design stage of your project, we intervene according to your technical and economic requirements and constraints while working on differentiating and innovative axes.

Naval electrical engineering innovation

We offer and supply systems based on well-proven technologies to guarantee service continuity and best-in-class performance globally.

Integrated logistic support and retrofit

Our service is tailored to your requirements to increase the installed base reliability, and to check, repair and refurbish all safety-critical equipment on your ship. We send experts, wherever and whenever they are needed.

World-wide presence

To fulfill customer requirements, Schneider Electric proposes know-how transfers, local contents and interventions through its own facilities or local partners.


We provide an extensive range of secured fleet operation services. From proven technologies with globally installed bases, adapted solutions are developed in conformity with the most stringent applicable standards as well as commercial classification societies’ rules. They benefit from all Schneider Electric’s ‘manufacturer’ guarantees, which ensures implementation, supervision and commissioning. Schneider Electric’s navy know-how applies to the main vital functions of both surface vessels and submarines.

We offer electrical distribution solutions, including:

  • MV and LV distribution
  • Transformers
  • Busways
  • Ultra-secured power
  • Variable speed drives and softstarters

We also offer the following automation solutions

  • Power management system
  • Alarm monitoring system
  • Connectivity / transparent ready application
  • Generator control

We provide automation solution dedicated to launching and flight termination systems

For over 50 years we have been providing highly reliable failsafe safety systems certified to SIL4 requirements.
We design and implement turnkey solutions to the current requirements with:

  • High level of resistance to EMC aggression (greater than 10GHertz)
  • probality of occurrence of undesirable event less than 10-9 /operation

Our main application domains include:

  • Weapon launching control system for nuclear submarines
  • Nuclear weapon handling system
  • Rocket flight termination system


Our challenges begin with the initial design and continue throughout the life of each vessel to ensure efficient fleet operation and service continuity. All over the world, a specific logistic support based on an organisational structure dedicated to navy, guarantees maximum availability of Schneider Electric’s installations.

Our logistic engineering services include:

  • Maintenability, reliability, availability studies
  • Cost management, configuration management

Our through-life support services include documentation, training, spare parts, technical assistance, maintenance and obsolescence management.

Our refitting services include upgrading performances, conformity to new standards (environmental etc) and complete equipment renovation.


We have worked on a wide range of leading naval projects, including:

  • Frigates FREMM, Horizon class, La Fayette class (France)
  • Corvettes Formidable class frigate (Singapore)
  • Littoral combat ship LCS (US Navy)
  • Patrol vessels Kingston class (Canada) Patrol vessels (US Navy)
  • Aircraft carriers Charles de Gaulle (France)
  • Surface ship weapon systems Sylver (France)
  • Conventional submarines Scorpen class (Chile, Malaysia) A19 Gotland class (Sweden) Collins class (Australia)
  • Nuclear submarines Barracuda class(SNA/SSN) Triomphant class(SNG/SSBN)

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