Ninety-eight per cent efficient, the PS6000rm series (1kVA to 3kVA) line interactive Marine UPS switches to backup power in <1/2 Hz (8ms). True-sine output. 2-Line text metering display shows current operating conditions / alarms for easy troubleshooting. Click catalogue link for details.

  • The PS502-750 shipboard power strip / surge suppressor / UPS
  • The PS6000rm series
  • The PS1504SS military grade 1.5kVA shipboard UPS
  • The PS2201SS Military grade 2.2KVA 1980W UPS
  • The transformer isolated 1.5KVA PS6000iso series
  • PS3300LCS 3KVA toroid isolated 2.7KW true sine double conversion
  • Powerstar UPS battery