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Laser and Electro-Optical Systems for Naval Firing Control and Countermeasure Systems, and Helicopter Visual Landing Aid Systems

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CILAS, a subsidiary of EADS and AREVA, is a leading producer of high-tech lasers and opto-mechanic systems. For 40 years CILAS has been engineering and manufacturing laser and electro-optical products for naval surface systems, visual landing aid systems and other special equipment.

CILAS’ high-tech range of lasers, electro-optic systems, opto-mechanical systems and electronics is the result of constant research and development to ensure that our components fulfil customer requirements.

Naval electro-optical systems and laser range finders for naval firing control systems

The TMS 314 laser rangefinder belongs to the new generation of eye-safe laser rangefinders in the TEMPO family. Developed by CILAS for naval firing control systems, it benefits from all the latest innovations in medium frequency (3 to 8 Hz) 1.54 µm Raman conversion compact laser emitters.

The TMS 314 rangefinder has been specially developed for naval fire control systems. Its repetition rate provides weapon systems with better distance accuracy on fast-moving targets, significantly improving fire control system performances.

Compact and fitted in a single box, including the power supply, it is easy to integrate.

Laser countermeasure systems for naval vessels

Our naval combat management system uses laser threat identification and confirmation systems to position the DHY322 CM laser source turret corresponding to laser azimuth angle and actives the DHY322 CM laser source. Once activated, the DHY322 CM laser source generates false laser spots on field area chosen with higher energy and identical coding and diverts laser guided ammunition to false laser spot on the chosen field area.

The DHY322 CM laser source has a very short reaction time fully compliant with necessary time to decoy the most recent laser guided ammunition, which only need few seconds of guiding sequence.

Naval helicopter visual landing aid systems

With more than 125 SAFECOPTER helicopter visual landing aid systems installed on numerous and various naval vessels type CILAS is a well known and recognised as the supplier of the most sea proven and reliable HVLAS on the naval market.

SAFECOPTER is a standardized system designed to help naval helicopter pilots in all phases of landing, from the ship localisation up to 10Nm, to the final landing routines. SAFECOPTER is sea-proven in all weather conditions, and can be used in both day and night operations, with or without night vision goggles. SAFECOPTER is designed to meet most of all military and naval standards.

SAFECOPTER comprises a full digital glide slope indicator, LED Horizon reference systems, LED flood lights as well as LED flight deck lighting and multipurpose projectors.

The overall system is fully dimmable and is controlled by the flight deck officer (FDO) through an LCD touch panel. The FDO is fully programmable with pre-set configuration to monitor decking of helicopters and VSTOL aircraft on ships.