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Hatteland Display

MIL Qualified Displays and Computers

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Hatteland Display is the leading technology provider of maritime display and computer products. We deliver high quality, unique and customized solutions to the international maritime market.

The company represents innovation and quality to system integrators, ship yards and boat builders world wide. Effective quality assurance and investment in sophisticated in-house manufacturing methods and facilities enable us to deliver type approved and Mil tested products.

Our customer oriented approach, technical knowledge and dedication to R&D, makes us a trusted and preferred supplier of approved solutions, which are backed up by a strong service network.


Our knowledge of the unique design, testing and life-cycle management issues of displays for naval vessels has enabled us to develop a high quality range called Naval Line, which can be found in navigation, automation and C4I solutions aboard everything from aircraft carriers and destroyers to patrol boats and submarines.

Naval Line displays are designed to standard form and fit, and can be delivered as ECDIS / WECDIS ready. Our proprietary Optical Bonding technology is available across all Naval Line displays. It improves performance and viewing clarity dramatically by eliminating condensation, reducing sunlight reflection by up to 95%, increasing strength during impact and lowering operating temperature to improve reliability and overall lifespan.

The flagship Hatteland Display Naval Multi Display (NMD) and Combat Management Display (CMD) variation are both best-value display solutions for demanding C4I applications. They incorporate a high-contrast UXGA resolution LCD, provide built-in test capabilities, and are a drop-in replacement for existing displays, so they are therefore ideally suited to either the naval new-build or retrofit markets.


Hatteland Display provides high quality, tested and approved computers to power the navigation, automation and C4I systems for all types of naval vessel. Developing high-quality, cost-effective systems to cope with shock, vibration, temperature/over-heating and humidity conditions is not a trivial challenge, but our Naval Line computers are designed and built to withstand the harsh naval environment and perform reliably even in extreme conditions. The computer components inside are stable and secure, which extends the lifetime of the computer.

We offer a wide range of processor choices, HDD and power options, and solid state technology, neatly engineered within standard form factors such as 19” rack mount, 2U, 3U and 4U, making them suitable for both retrofit and new build naval projects.

Testing / type approvals

Hatteland Display naval products are tested according to MIL-STD-461E, MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD-167-1 and MIL-S-901D, Grade A, Class 1, in addition to extended IEC 60945. We have Type Approval from all major marine classification societies, ensuring our marine displays, computers and panel computers are fi t for the harsh environments encountered on missions at sea. We also provide dedicated ECDIS calibration which enables us to deliver type approved ECDIS displays straight from the factory to you. Hatteland Display can also provide TEMPEST display.

Data security

Hatteland Display’s military customers can be confident that we always keep your data secure. Through the use of RAMBASE, a secure data facility held in an EMP-protected data centre in a mountain hall on the Hatteland campus (certified to MIL STD 285), all customer data is dealt with in the safest, most professional fashion.

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