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With equipment on virtually every UK Royal Navy vessel and with a presence in other navies worldwide, the Aish Technologies name is synonymous with multifunction operator consoles, rugged electronics cabinets and enclosures, flat screen displays and low signature cathodic protection. These products are designed and manufactured to the most exacting customer specifications at our modern facilities in Poole UK, to ensure the best quality, and a reliabile and timely delivery.

Aish Technologies products incorporate the finest available COTS technology, advanced materials and up-to-the-minute manufacturing techniques to realise our goals of value, fitness for purpose and through-life cost, whilst ensuring that key design aims such as human factors, maintainability and obsolescence management are equally satisfied.

We work in close liaison with our customers’ development teams to provide tailored solutions that meet or better their expectations, helping them to deliver class-beating systems. This approach, combined with innovation, leading-edge design and a dedicated workforce, has led to awards and accolades from our customers.

Multifunction consoles

Aish Technologies is the leading supplier of operator consoles to the Royal Navy. These include command and platform system consoles for the new Daring Class (Type 45) air warfare destroyers, command system consoles for Trafalgar Class submarines and the new common console, which will be fitted throughout the Royal Navy’s Astute Class submarine, HMS Audacious. At the core of the common console is a powerful multifunction operator workstation that is tailored for applications such as combat management, navigation, optronics, sonar and electronic warfare. Displays are Aish’s own active Matrix LCD units, and a variety of processing architectures can be fitted.

Electronics cabinets and racks

Aish Technologies has provided the Royal Navy’s electronics cabinets and racks for many years. These extend from external communications racking systems fitted to submarines to Aish enclosures that house internal communications and weapon systems electronics across a number of surface ship and submarine fleets. Cabinets can be configured for any U height, air or water cooled, and non-standard module sizes can be accommodated.

For use in the latest RN submarines, Aish has designed a new electronics cabinet that dissipates 50% more heat and has 50% more usable sub-rack space than its predecessor, at a greatly reduced cost.

Flat screen displays

Aish displays are used both in our own console systems and as display upgrades in third party consoles. Careful design and the use of the very latest COTS LCD matrices and electronics have resulted in picture quality that is second to none. These attributes have also produced displays that can present constantly-refreshed data such as sonar lofargrams without resorting to complex flicker-reduction circuitry.

Available sizes include 8.4in, 12.1in, 18.1in, and 21.3in in standard aspect ratio. Wide aspect ratio displays are available in 24in, with 26in and 55in in development.

Low-signature cathodic protection system

Corrosion has become a major factor in ship and submarine through-life costs, where efficient protection can extend the period between dry-docking. The Aish Technologies impressed current cathodic protection system combines a comprehensive shield against galvanic currents with an extremely low electrical signature, which reduces the threat of detection by mines and other assets. The Aish solution is modular and scalable, allowing the system to be tailored to suit expected mission profile, platform configuration and budget.

Aish Technologies’ low signature ICCP systems are in service on a number of UK and US Platforms.

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