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Bulten Stainless

Stainless-Steel Fasteners

United States of America

United States of America

Bulten Stainless is a strong brand, which stands for quality, knowledge, service and assortment. You will find it on all printed material from us such as catalogues, leaflets, boxes and pallets.

Bumax is a trademark for our high-strength assortment of stainless-steel fasteners. These include Bumax 88 and Bumax 109. Today we manufacture stainless steel fasteners up to a tensile strength of 1,700 N/mm. This makes the Bumax product line by far the strongest in the market.

Additionally, Bumax is a product with superior resistance to corrosion, which means security, longevity and a low impact on the environment.

Corrosion-resistant stainless-steel fasteners

Corrosion is a very difficult problem in damp and abrasive environments. The combination of low carbon content and the increased content of alloying elements gives the fasteners Bumax 88 and 109 superior resistance to corrosion.

Lightweight, strong stainless-steel fasteners

As modern constructions develop, we are constantly aiming for minimum weight combined with retained or increased strength. Bumax 88 and Bumax 109 fasteners offer unique strength properties in relation to their weight. Fasteners of conventional standards often need two or three times the weight to manage the same job as a Bumax fastener.

Guaranteed traceability for screws and fastenrs

As extra security, we guarantee the total traceability of all Bumax products in their original unopened packaging. All the information needed to trace the product back to the chemical composition of the steel and the manufacturing process of the product can be found on the label of the packaging.

Stainless -steel fasteners for marine environments

Water, aggressive liquids, vibration, high pressure, extreme temperatures – vessels must be able to withstand many harsh conditions and forces. It is here that the difference between Bumax products and conventional fasteners can be most clearly seen. When it comes to high-strength, weight minimization, or surviving a corrosive environment, the Bumax 88 and 109 fasteners are the superior solution.

Bulten Stainless offers a complete range of stainless and acid-proof fasteners. Bulten Stainless manufactures both standard and special products in a modern plant.

The market in which Bufab Bulten Stainless is active is characterized by continual change. Quality requirements as regards products and services are becoming increasingly stringent. To develop and strengthen our position as total supplier of stainless fasteners, we have to continue refining and improving our entire organization. And we have to be receptive and sensitive to the requirements and needs of our customers, we know from experience that these can change quite quickly. Stainless material is gaining ground throughout the world, and we wish to participate in this trend as a leading actor. 80 years of activity with stainless fasteners have given us unique know-how and competence. Our extensive Bumax range is constantly gaining new markets. Apart from Europe, we now have dealers with their own stock in countries such as South Korea, Australia and the USA. We have seen a great progress within our core market of general marine applications, but we are also getting BUMAX® implemented in several defense areas outside Europe.

Thus, our ambition is to continually improve and develop as a company. To understand how our customers see us, how they see our service, accessibility, quality and other matters of importance for market relations, we carry out customer questionnaire surveys with some regularity. The last one was in the spring of 2005. It showed that we had improved on the so-called Satisfied Customer Index compared with the previous survey. The greatest potential for improvement was within the IT support area. We have taken note of this, and opened a completely new Internet portal, giving many opportunities for e-commerce and order management, which we hope you will benefit from.

Bulten Stainless


United States of America