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Submarines Gallery

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Archer Class Submarines

Black Shark Advanced Heavy Weight Torpedo

Kockums A26 Submarine

LR5 Submersible Submarine Rescue Vessel

MK 48 Mod 7 Common Broadband Advanced Sonar System (CBASS) Heavyweight Torpedo

NSSN Virginia Class Attack Submarine

Oyashio Class Submarines

P75I Scorpene Class Attack Submarines

Project 677 Lada Class / Project 1650 Amur Class Submarines

Proteus Dual-Mode Underwater Vehicle

ROKN Chang Bogo Class Submarines

Sea Dagger Special Operations

SMX® Ocean Conventionally Powered Attack Submarine

Södermanland Class Submarines

SS Soryu Class Submarines

SSBN / SSGN Ohio Class Submarine

SSBN Arihant Class Submarine

SSBN Borei Class Nuclear-Powered Submarines

SSBN Delta Class IV (Project 667.BDRM)

SSBN Triomphant Class

SSBN Typhoon Class (Type 941)

SSBN Vanguard Class Submarine

SSBN Yury Dolgoruky Borei Class Nuclear Submarine

SSGN Oscar II Class (Project 949.A) (Kursk)

SSK Agosta 90B Class Submarine

SSK Andrasta Littoral Submarine

SSK Collins Class (Type 471) Submarine

SSK Dolphin Class Submarine

SSK Gotland Class (Type A19)

SSK Kilo Class (Type 636)

SSK Kilo Class (Type 877EKM)

SSK Manthatisi Class (Type 209/1400) Attack Submarine

SSK S-80 Class Submarine

SSK Scorpene Class Attack Submarine

SSK Tupi Class

SSK Victoria Class Long-Range Patrol Submarines

SSN Akula Class (Bars Type 971) Nuclear Submarine

SSN Astute Class Nuclear Submarine

SSN Barracuda Nuclear Powered Attack Submarine

SSN Los Angeles Class Nuclear Submarine

SSN Rubis Amethyste Class

SSN Seawolf Class

Trafalgar Class Attack Submarines

Type 39 / Song Class Attack Submarine

U212 / U214 Submarines

U212A Todaro Class Submarines

Ula Class Submarines

Walrus-Class Submarines

Yasen / Graney Class Submarine