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29 September 2016
Latest Companies

Tenmat - Composite Marine Bearings

CNIM - Amphibious Landing Craft

Curtiss Wright - INDAL Naval Handling Systems

Kongsberg Maritime - Marine CCTV and Underwater Camera Imaging Equipment

Rodman Polyships - Fast Patrol Boats and Vessels

Press Releases

CNIM Exhibiting at ADAS September 2016
CNIM will be exhibiting at Asian Defence and Security (ADAS) 2016 from 28-30 September at the World Trade Centre, Metro Manila Philippines (WTCMM).

Vard Marine Design Selected for US Coast Guard Offshore Patrol Cutter
Mainboard-listed Vard Holdings announced yesterday that a design developed by its subsidiary, Vard Marine, has been selected for the US Coast Guard's new offshore patrol cutter (OPC) programme.

OceanServer Delivers Next Generation AUV for Water Quality Solutions with YSI-Integrated Systems and Services
OceanServer Technology, the leading manufacturer of commercial Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), recently announced the continuation of a successful ten-year partnership with the launch of the next-generation EcoMapper.

Sener Announces Second Contract in JUICE Space Mission
Sener engineering and technology group announced at the UK Farnborough International Airshow the recent award by the European Space Agency (ESA) for the development of the medium-gain antenna for the JUICE mission.

CBRNflex3600 by Noske-Kaeser – the Next Step in CBRN Technology
With a tradition of innovation, Noske-Kaeser is again coming up with an innovative technology: the new CBRN station CBRNflex3600 combines the advantages of the successfully established door station type SLG and the modular station type SLM by Noske-Kaeser.

White Papers

Naval Technology from Rheinmetall Air Defence
For many years, Rheinmetall Air Defence, the former Oerlikon Contraves, has been among the most trusted names in the international defence technology and security industries....

Customised Solutions for Submarines
Noske-Kaeser have supplied more than 200 submarines worldwide for more than 50...

L-CAT Amphibious Landing Craft
The L-CAT is a high-speed sea connector for amphibious operations in the areas of military, logistics support and disaster...

Iver 3 Affordable Work Class Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)
The Iver 3 Affordable Work Class Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) has an extended operation time....

Vitavox Brochure - Military Communications Systems
Vitavox designs, develops and manufactures military communications systems that are suitable for both defence and commercial...


Global Defence Technology: Issue 67
In this issue: Key outcomes from this year’s NATO summit, lessons to be learned from the Iraq invasion, inside the smart HQ, managing the MoD’s joint contingency plans, industry majors team up for the UK’s new fighter trainer, the Royal Navy catches up with unmanned capabilities and more.

August's top stories: Scorpene data leak, $2.5bn Virginia-class submarine
The US Navy has taken delivery of new $2.5bn Virginia-class submarine, Pre-Commissioning Unit (PCU) Illinois (SSN 786), India and France launch probe over Scorpene submarine data leak. Naval-technology.com wraps up key headlines from August.

Global Defence Technology: Issue 66
In this issue: The potential of a joint European force, Singapore’s defence procurement, Oshkosh’s TerraMax technology, the US Combat Rescue Helicopter programme, evolution of the Gripen E, Archerfish mine-hunting drone and more.

July's top stories: UK Trident renewal, Court rule on South China Sea
The UK Parliament voted to renew continuous-at-sea nuclear deterrent, an international court ruled against China’s sovereignty claims over South China Sea and delivery of the US Navy’s first Gerald R Ford aircraft carrier has been delayed again. Naval-technology.com wraps up key headlines from July.

Archerfish: fishing for mines
Sea mines may seem an archaic hangover from a largely forgotten era of naval warfare, but they remain just as real and present a danger for sailors today as they did in earlier times. The deployment of mines has dropped dramatically since the two World Wars, which saw both sides lay them by the thousand; but nevertheless, according to some estimates, ships are around 200 times more likely to be attacked by mines than anything else.


Project 15B Guided Missile Destroyers
The Project 15B class of guided missile destroyers, an improved variant of the Kolkata-class destroyers, are being built by Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL), for the Indian Navy.

Gregorio del Pilar Class Frigates
The Gregorio del Pilar-class multi-role frigates have been in service with the Philippine Navy since 2011. They are intended to improve maritime security of the Philippines in Spratly Islands and Scarborough Shoal islands located in the South China Sea.

Sea Ceptor Missile System
The Sea Ceptor is a sea-based supersonic missile defence system developed for the UK's Royal Navy.

Vulcanair P68 Observer 2 Aircraft
P68 Observer 2 is a twin-engine, observation and patrol aircraft produced by Vulcanair Aircraft, which can also be configured to serve a range of special mission applications.

FFX-II (Daegu Class) Multi-Role Frigates
FFX-II, an improved variant of Incheon-class (FFX-I) frigates, is intended to replace the Republic of Korea (ROK) Navy’s ageing fleet of corvettes and frigates.

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