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28 May 2017
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SAES - Underwater Signature Measurement and Control

SAES - Sonars, On-Board Systems and Antisubmarine Warfare Missions

SAES - Naval Mines, Maritime Security and Simulation

EXPAL - Technological Solutions, Weapons and Ammunition for Marine Security and Defence

3W International - Heavy-Fuel Aircraft Engines for Naval Applications

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Press Releases

Blueprint Subsea Announces its Oculus M1200d and M370s Multibeam Imaging Sonars
Blueprint Subsea has announced its Oculus M series of multibeam sonar units, which are a new generation of versatile imaging sonar solutions developed for use in a versatile range of underwater applications.

3W-180 SRE Hybrid Wankel Presented at XPONENTIAL Trade Fair
3W-International will present the 3W-180 SRE Hybrid Wankel for the first time at this year's XPONENTIAL Trade Fair in May to increase the company's range of drive products for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

SENER to Participate in European Space Agency's Euclid Mission
The SENER engineering and technology group is participating in the Euclid mission run by the European Space Agency (ESA) to study the expansion of the universe.

SENER Signs Agreement to Authorise Use of FORAN by RFVHB
The SENER (Shanghai) Systems Co office has signed an agreement to authorise the use of its FORAN system by the Register of Fishing Vessels of Hebei Province (RFVHB), in China.

SAES to Present ASW Solutions and Naval Mines at SITDEF, Peru.
SAES will be participating at the SITDEF International Exhibition in Lima, Peru, from 18-21 May.

White Papers

Naval Technology from Rheinmetall Air Defence
For many years, Rheinmetall Air Defence, the former Oerlikon Contraves, has been among the most trusted names in the international defence technology and security industries....

The Surface Vessel: An Impregnable Floating Fortress or a Sitting Duck?
Navies around the world spend billions of dollars on sophisticated weapon systems but often neglect sensor / weapon alignment. This white paper explains why initial and recurrent alignment...

Aligner 241 - Gun Test Fixture (Calibre Bar)
Versatile tool for aligning the gun barrel with the gun video...

Using FEA Methodology to Develop Optimal Repair Strategies
The need for optimised operational efficiency within the petrochemicals industry leads to a stronger focus on achieving the greatest value when repairing and replacing assets and...

Aligner 308 Shipboard Weapon Alignment System Brochure
To fully benefit from today's sophisticated weapon systems, maintenance and attendance are more important than...


Global Defence Technology: Issue 75
In this issue: The race for satellite servicing robots in the US, Finland’s defence upgrades, replacing the Royal Navy’s Harpoon missiles, why NATO must adapt to survive, and more.

US Marine Corp’s ACV competition: profiling the contenders
Testing for the US Marine Corps’ Amphibious Combat Vehicle increment 1.1 programme is now underway, with contenders lining up to replace the force’s battle-weary Assault Amphibious Vehicle fleet. Two teams have been awarded EMD contracts for the competition, which is shaping up as one to watch despite several misfires in its conception over the last decade. Claire Apthorp finds out more.

Securing the Royal Navy’s future firepower
As things stand, 2018 will see the Royal Navy’s Harpoon (Block 1C) missile – the sole heavyweight anti-ship missile system in its service – retire without replacement, leaving the UK with a serious under-capacity to perform the most fundamental of all naval tasks – sinking ships.

April's top stories: UK MoD negotiates £1.4bn contract, Australia releases RFT for $35bn
UK MoD negotiates £1.4bn contract for Royal Navy's sixth Astute-class submarine, and Australian Government releases RFT for $35bn Future Frigate project. Naval-technology.com wraps up the key headlines from April, 2017.

Global Defence Technology: Issue 74
In this issue: The EU army that isn’t an army, BAE Systems on cyber security skills, innovation in explosive trace detection, Airbus’ high-altitude pseudo-satellite, the UK’s $1bn deal for US-built Predator B aircraft, piracy in Somalia after Operation Ocean Shield, and more.


Vulcano Logistic Support Ship (LSS)
Vulcano logistic support ship (LSS) being built by Fincantieri for the Italian Navy is scheduled to be commissioned in 2019.

BAL-C Logistics Support Vessel
The Armed Forces of Honduras is acquiring a logistics support and cargo vessel named Buque de Apoyo Logístico y Cabotaje (BAL-C) from Colombia to improve the country's maritime security capabilities in La Mosquitia and other remote areas.

U212A Todaro Class Submarines
The U212A Todaro-class submarines were built by Fincantieri for the Italian Navy (Marina Militare).

BAP Pisco Landing Platform Dock
BAP Pisco (AMP-156) is a new multi-purpose landing platform dock (LPD) being built by SIMA-Peru Marine Industrial Services for the Peruvian Navy.

Yuri Ivanov (Project 18280) Class Intelligence-Gathering Vessels
Project 18280-class is a fleet of two intelligence-gathering vessels built to meet specific mission needs of the Russian Navy.

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