Tradition and Innovation in Shipbuilding for the Naval Industry

Next-Generation Naval Vessel Technology


The geopolitical situation has become more diverse over the last one and a half years and the momentum for a sound strategical
sovereignty has re-emerged.

The role of vital alliances has become even more important than it has been over the recent years. Those years have been
characterised by increasing numbers of local conflicts, terrorism, organised crime and piracy, which resulted in a rise of asymmetric threats.

It seems that somehow the world of bipolar confrontation with regard to NATO and allied nations will play a role for future geopolitical developments and some myths about 'old school' capabilities no longer needed have been clearly countered as myths overtaken by reality. The importance of regional security is represented in the impacts for global security challenges.

The need for nations to secure their vital maritime domain of their area of responsibility (AOR) in forms of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) will become more paramount than it has become with the regard to the developments of the first decade of the maritime century.

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