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What is a Sidescan Sonar

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Sonar (SOund, NAvigation and Ranging) is a technique that uses sound waves to detect and locate objects underwater.

Side scan sonar, also referred to as side-looking sonar or side-imaging sonar, is a specific type of sonar used to image the topography of the seafloor.

Side scan sonars are often towed from a survey vessel (although can be mounted to a boat hull, or pole-mount bracket) and transmit a narrow fan-shaped acoustic pulse (ping) perpendicular to its direction of travel.

The StarFish sidescan has two transducers (transmitter and receiver elements) mounted in the lower fins. These transducers are angled 30° down from the horizontal, and acoustically transmit sound in a 'fan beam' 0.4° wide, by 80° vertically, although most of the acoustic energy is confined to the centre 60° of the beam.

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What is a Sidescan Sonar Thursday, Mar 30, 2017