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AquaShield™ ER - SDV and Diver Detection Sonar

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The AquaShield Extended Range (ER) is an enhanced version of DSIT's best-seller Diver Detection Sonar system - the AquaShield™. The AquaShield ER™ provides the longest available detection range against all types of underwater threats including divers, Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (SDV) and Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV). With detection range of up to 3,500 meter, the AquaShield ER™ provides longer response time against fast moving threats compared with any rival underwater security system. It also enables protection of large areas with fewer underwater nodes; thus reducing the installation and maintenance costs. AquaShield's ER™ unique modular design enables tailoring of the system to customer requirements and site specific geography. The combination of a fully automatic mode of operation, very low maintenance requirements and high system reliability create a highly cost-effective system. AquaShield ER™ DDS - the best long-range underwater security system available.

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