SAES' Diver Detection Sonar being Presented at Monaco Yacht Show

SAES' Diver Detection Sonar being Presented at Monaco Yacht Show

SAES - Monoco Yacht Show

SAES' diver detection sonar, DDS-03, is being presented at the Monaco Yacht Show, between 27-30 September.

One of the threats not usually taken into account is a diver or an underwater vehicle approaching a boat. The possibility of this scenario happening can endanger the tranquility on-board.

Although there are advanced solutions for superyacht security, underwater safety is not always warranted since neither radar nor video cameras can detect a threat approaching the ship. This weakness can be counteracted through the addition of a diver sonar to the surveillance system.

Developed for military security, this sonar is being incorporated on the superyachts to ensure the most up-to-date technology.

To make sure the superyacht is completely protected, once anchored, the sonar is deployed over the side. Having done that, the system monitors constantly and automatically signals when an underwater threat occurs, indicating the position, trajectory, distance and kind of threat: diver or underwater vehicle. The system also casts an underwater message in order to dissuade the diver from approaching.

Port security

Diver detection sonars can be used in military ports where high-value ships are anchored. They can also be used in ports that house superyachts. The DDS-03's deployment and integration with the surveillance system provides total superyacht security.

A responsive solution for difficult scenarios

Underwater diver detection is complex and depends on several conditions such as the water temperature and salinity. DDS-03 offers 360° coverage and has showed excellent performance even in warm waters where sonar surveillance is difficult.

The use of this kind of sonar is becoming widespread for both military ship protection and critical infrastructures. Lately, the need for diver detection in the luxury market is increasing, with the industry searching for a solid security solution.

Diver detection sonar at Monaco Yacht Show

As in the last edition of the Monaco Yacht Show, the SAES team will be at the show with Navantia. The companies will be at stand QP45 where a mock-up of the DDS-03 will be presented.

SAES will be offering advice about superyacht security and ports, as well as the diver-protection elements.

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