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Anti-Submarine Warfare Systems

A world leader in undersea warfare technology, Ultra Electronics offers an unrivalled range of anti-submarine warfare (ASW) solutions for airborne, surface ships and submarines.

Ultra has over 60 years experience in the design, development and supply of high performance ASW solutions. Our ASW products have been installed around the world, supporting a variety of surface, submarine, rotary and fixed-wing platforms.

Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Systems

Ultra’s ASW solution provides a powerful and versatile sonar system offering mono-static, bi-static and multi-static capabilities operating in a complex environment using platform, organic and off-board sensors. This solution delivers force multiplier effects through increased sonar coverage, removing target aspect dependencies and maximising the number of opportunities to achieve detections. The underwater battlespace picture is improved and expedited by fusing confirmed contacts from multiple sources, raising confidence levels in target information.

Ultra’s products are engineered to provide a best-in-class answer to individual requirements, with a proven record in delivering integrated ‘system-of-systems’. An emphasis on developing fully qualified COTS-based open architecture solutions provides affordable, high-technology products that can be readily integrated into new and legacy platforms.

Surface and Sub-Surface ASW Systems

Through advanced acoustic processing Ultra fuses data across all sensors, as opposed to traditional systems that process each sensor individually. Ultra’s MSA systems are able to execute both bi-static and multi-static processing between on-board and off-board sensors, for both surface and airborne platforms. This delivers unprecedented detection levels and wide area coverage capable of identifying quiet, diesel-electric submarines at tactically significant ranges.

Ultra’s innovative integrated sonar system provides a fully integrated, flexible networked ASW solution:

  • Variable-Depth Sonar (hard-body or flexible, in-line source)
  • Hull-mounted sonar (multi-frequency, wideband)
  • Torpedo countermeasures suite
  • Torpedo detection system

As a modular, multi-sensor sonar processor individual components can be integrated or replaced as required. Through-life technology refresh, modification and upgrade can be achieved without system re-design or significant software modification.

Torpedo Defence System

For surface ships, Ultra’s SEA SENTOR system delivers a single in-line tow solution utilising a passive towed array for detection, classification and localisation of the threat. The system features a flexible towed body countermeasure able to decoy and jam all torpedoes types, including wake-homing torpedoes, and optional pneumatic launchers can deliver expendable countermeasures.

Ultra is the only company to have delivered sensor-to-countermeasure capability into service on multiple platforms for disparate navies. The comparable SEA CRYPSIS solution for submarines also makes use of the latest generation of mobile torpedo countermeasures.

Airborne Acoustic Processing

Ultra’s suite uses the latest software-defined, wide-band receivers. Active and passive sonobuoy processing technology allows for both traditional passive, mono-static and multi-static processing solutions. Ultra provides sonobuoys to 70% of the world market.

Command and Control, and Modular Maritime Combat Support

Ultra's naval C2 and combat management systems enable effective and seamless integration of weapon systems, fire control, sensors and decoy systems. Our MMCS solution delivers a modular, flexible and containerised minehunting, hydrography and patrol suite.

Secure Communications Systems

Ultra is a trusted and respected provider and integrator of secure tactical, command and control, voice and video data systems, including a wide variety of solutions for gateway and high-rate communications at speed and depth.

Coastal, Harbour and Perimeter Surveillance

Ultra’s integrated security system enables total and effecteive communication between all acoustic, radar, unmanned ground sensors, optical, thermal and IR sensors, surveillance systems, C2 centres and military platforms. Using a situational awareness management system, which includes sensor management, perimeter and area monitoring, the system delivers automatic alarms, detection and tracking of several hundred individual targets simultaneously.

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