Underwater Signature Measurement and Control


SAES uses advanced multi-influence processing techniques vital for operating in modern naval environments, with accurate knowledge of platforms signatures essential for avoiding detection.

Modern naval mines and underwater sensors

Modern naval mines, also developed by SAES, include new and more sophisticated sensors for activation and advanced digital signal processing techniques, enabling the exploitation of these signatures.

Simulation is an area of special interest nowadays, due to its versatility, high level of information provided and cost savings for real measurement operations. Latest generation simulation techniques used by SAES enable realistic estimations of the level of different magnitudes in real operational environments.

SAES develops underwater signature measurement systems, which cover defence (multi-influence signature of the vessels), security (detection of intruders) and civilian areas (environmental protection).

Underwater signature measurements to ensure safety from multi-influence naval mines

MIRS - Multi-influence Range System for surface ships and submarines provides real influence measures (magnetic, electric, pressure, acoustic, and seismic) in realistic and controlled scenarios to successfully counter related threats. MIRS can be located at a fixed station or, using the portable capability, at the desired location.

DEWARS - Deep Water Acoustic Range System provides measurement of noise and spectrum levels, performed in real and controlled scenarios of surface vessels and submarines (periscope, snorkeling and immersion).

SET-200/P - UEP Sensor is a precise, ultra-low noise device that enables measurement of low-level electric fields. Furthermore, UEP sensors arranged in arrays, enable the full characterisation of electric field signature not only of a ship passing over the sensor array, but also by any other object in its proximity.

SWAMEG - Sea Water Magneto-electric Generator has been specifically designed for magnetic-electric calibration of signature range facilities of ships. It generates a magnetic and electric signature with known levels, allowing the calibration of sensors of measurement ranges and the faults detection. The system does not require any power supply and its lightweight structure ensures versatility.

ONMS and CRV systems are two systems for noise and vibration monitoring systems that allow controlling the signature of submarines and surface vessels respectively by reducing and monitoring the vibration and radiated noise.

SICLA is an acoustic classification system based on multiple and simultaneous contact analysis, graphic tools and an acoustic intelligence database (ACINT).

SIMOAC - Acoustic Monitoring System is designed on the basis of providing a reliable measurement system based on calibrated acoustic sensors, which permit the measurement and analysis of underwater acoustic environments, as well as detecting the presence of marine mammals in a specific area, including their localisation.

Multi-influence naval mines

Based on deep underwater signature knowledge, SAES has developed a complete set of multi-influence naval mines.

MINEA Combat are advanced multi-influence naval mines and consist of advanced technology. The MINEA family includes Moored Mines, Shallow Water Mines and Cylindrical Bottom Mines.

MINEA Exercise version is available to be used for MCM training and gathering intelligence information through the measuring and recording of ship signatures.

MILA is a smart limpet mine that incorporates a detonation system controlled by a computer. Its characteristics make it easy to carry by divers and is available in Exercise (reusable & inert) and Combat versions.

Other products include systems for minehunting, CRV - Vibration and Noise Monitoring System, training system, and ATS - Acoustic Tracking System.

Marine security and ASW systems

Other lines of products include:

  • ASW systems based on sonobuoy processing: on-board vessels and land. SPAS Family. Up to 32 passive, active and digital sonobuoys simultaneously. ROASW - Remote Operation ASW System, FTAS - Fast Time Analyzer System, TAT - Tactical Acoustic Trainer
  • Sonar and onboard systems: DDS-03 - Intruder Detection Sonar, SOLARSUB - Towed Array Sonar, SOCILSUB - Cylindrical Sonar Modernization, SICLA - Acoustic Classification System, ONMS - Own Noise Monitoring System, SEAPROF - Undersea Acoustic Performance Prediction System
  • Maritime security and environmental protection: SIDIS - Integral Security System, DDS-03 - Intruder Detection Sonar, UDS - Underwater Deterrent System, SAR - Acoustic Smart Recorder, SIMOAC - Acoustic Monitoring System
  • Simulation and training: Submarine Tactical Simulator, Naval Tactical Simulator, SIM/STIM - Sonar Simulator/Stimulator
  • Engineering services and maintenance: technical and engineering services on underwater technology area and ASW, from design phases up to maintenance and customer support, as well as training for personnel

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