Colombo Dockyard Limited

Ultra Fast Attack Boats and Logistic and Surveillance Craft

Colombo Dockyard Limited (CDL), a Sri Lankan shipbuilder with Japanese collaboration, produces a range of ultra fast, fully customised, aluminium hull patrol / attack craft, which have been battle tested and proven in one of the deadliest terrorist encounters in recent times. CDL has manufactured over 34 such craft for the local / regional navies and coast guards at extremely competitive prices and with unthinkable delivery terms, surpassing other international suppliers.


UFAC are specially designed for naval / coast guard duties, including:

  • Counter terrorism
  • Interception and attacking
  • Coastal patrolling and surveillance
  • Interdiction and boarding, etc.

With speeds varying from 45 knots to 53 knots, UFAC are designed with endurances ranging from 500nm to 600nm and the ability to carry out missions in sea states up to 5, in all weather conditions.

All ultra fast attack craft are designed and built to LR+100 A1, Mono, Patrol, G2, LMC.

UFAC I is a 24m, mono hull craft powered by twin MTU main engines, each developing 1,630kW, driving KAMEWA water jets. It has a top speed of 45 knots and an endurance of 500nm. The craft is provided with accommodation facilities for ten men. Its vibration-free deck enables the mounting of a range of sophisticated weaponry outfits, meeting specific needs and operations.

UFAC II was designed as the successor to the previous design. The accommodation area was increased to accommodate 12 persons. Significant improvements were made on the superstructure, fully customising it to combat requirements whilst maintaining operational characteristics.

UFAC III, the most recent addition, incorporates the latest combat requirements and experience in the battlefield and achieves speeds in excess of 53 knots with a complement of 12 persons. It is powered by twin DEUTZ main engines, each developing 1,935kW, driving MJP water jets, which ensures optimum handling while operating in restricted and shallow waters whilst maintaining excellent sea keeping characteristics.

Outfitted with a 23mm Typhoon Naval Stabilized Gun and a electro optical fire control system, UFAC III has superior fire power, making it a unique platform to launch a multitude of operations in broad, complex roles and missions in conjunction with other air and land forces.


24m CSVs were built for Maldivian Coast Guard to carry out patrol missions in the coastal waters of the Republic of Maldives. As the island nation's general mode of transportation is by sea, the CSV, in addition to its role in surveillance, is also suitably furnished for the high-speed transfer of VIPs. Powered by twin PAXMAN main engines, each developing 1,564kW, driving KAMEWA water jets, CSV is capable of achieving a maximum speed of 40 knots.


This 16m fire fighting vessel is capable of attending to fire incidents with both water and foam, onboard ocean going vessels and in islands within the Republic of Maldives. The vessel is fitted out with two powerful fire pumps in the forward and aft. Due to the vessel's capability to reach high speeds in excess of 40 knots, it is capable of reaching its destination within a short time. In addition to its fire fighting duties it is also engaged as a patrol vessel. The vessel is powered by twin MAN main engines, each developing 588kW, driving KAMEWA FF water jets. The hull is ideally suited to perform naval and custom duties.


This is a unique design, with the landing craft being able to achieve speeds in excess of 20 knots. The 21m fast landing craft was designed to transport armoured vehicles and troops with a deck load of 5t. This craft is capable of being used for military operations and also to attend to rescue operations in disaster situations. The craft is powered by twin MAN main engines, each developing 588kW, driving HAMILTON water jets.

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