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CNIM Group was established in 1856 and continues to develop and supply turnkey industrial equipment to various industries worldwide.

CNIM excels in the following fields: defence, environment, energy, industry.

In the field of defence, CNIM provides major state and industrial players, both in France and abroad, with high-performance systems for the following:

  • Dissuasion: nuclear submarine missile launcher tubes, Laser MegaJoule simulation programme
  • Bridging systems: Rapidly deployed, modular assault bridge (PTA) and motorised floating bridge (PFM), for use in both disaster relief and military operations.
  • Sea landing systems: L-CAT® amphibious landing craft.

CNIM not only supply their home nations military but also numerous land, sea and air governmental institutes globally.

CNIM is based on a stable family shareholding, guaranteeing its development. CNIM has 2660 employees in 14 countries and generated sales of €727m in 2015, and 61.3% of their sales are from exports. CNIM is listed on the Eurolist of Euronext Paris - Compartment B.

L-CAT® - Landing Catamaran

The L-CAT® is an innovative, fast catamaran landing craft developed by CNIM to meet the needs of the most modern amphibious forces. It can conduct shore-to-shore missions or deploy from the well deck of LHD and LPD amphibious ships.

The L-CAT® can deploy either a full motorised infantry platoon complete with its vehicles and equipment, a single heavy (M-1, Leopard 2) main battle tank, or up to 100t of military or disaster relief equipment.

With its fore and aft ramps, the L-CAT® is a full Ro-Ro vessel, enabling door-to-door operations with amphibious ships and loading / unloading operations from any existing slipway or quay. In the absence of port facilities, it can easily operate in shallow water and land its cargo directly on most beaches.

Thanks to its innovative variable draft system, the L-CAT® is two ships in one: a fast connector and a reliable landing craft. It therefore provides amphibious forces with a unique, no-compromise operational asset. With its platform raised in catamaran mode, the L-CAT® can reach high speeds (30 knots light ship, 18 knots with full load); when the platform is lowered into the water, the L-CAT® transforms into a superior landing craft with great beaching capabilities.

The L-CAT® has been in service since 2012 in the French Navy and has proven its ability to support Armed Forces on a global scale during military and civilian operations. The L-CAT® allows quick deployment of heavy equipment during humanitarian interventions (aid to populations after natural disasters, recovery of isolated nationals, and the transfer of public works equipment).

Main characteristics include:

  • Length: 30m - Beam: 12.60m
  • Fore draft for landing: 0.60m
  • Speed: 18kts-30kts according to the payload
  • Payload: 80T

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L-CAT® amphibious landing craft:

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L-CAT Amphibious Landing Craft 24 August 2016 The L-CAT is a high-speed sea connector for amphibious operations in the areas of military, logistics support and disaster relief.