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Harris is an international communications and information technology company serving government and commercial markets in more than 150 countries. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, the company has approximately $5 billion of annual revenue and more than 15,000 employees — including nearly 7,000 engineers and scientists. Harris is dedicated to developing best-in-class assured communications® products, systems, and services.

Ship and shore satellite communications systems

Harris shipboard terminals enable reliable high-data-rate communications to naval vessels and ships through dual-band operation over government and commercial satellites, providing much-needed connectivity when other means are disrupted or compromised.

AN/WSC-6/6V)9 navy shipboard terminal

The AN/WSC-6(V)9 SATCOM Terminal provides reliable high data rate communications to deployed naval small combatant and support ships. These terminals have demonstrated availability exceeding 98 percent while supporting bandwidth-on-demand worldwide communication networks.

The terminals provide tri-band operation; X/Ka-band over DSCS/WGS or allied military satellites and C-band over commercial satellites. For platforms with demanding antenna siting, the terminal can be configured with dual antennas to eliminate superstructure blockage. The AN/WSC-6(V)9 consists of above-deck and below-deck equipment interconnected by cross-deck cables. For more information please link to product data list at the end of this article.

Commercial broadband satellite program force level variant terminals (AN/USC-69(V)2) & AN/USC-69(V)3

The commercial broadband satellite program force level variant (CBSP) force level variants (FLV) and unit level variants (ULV) terminal provides high data rate communications to naval combatants and support ships. These terminals provide multi-band operations: simultaneous C-band and Ku-band over commercial satellites with the FLV or X-band and Ku-band (upgradable to Ka-band) over military and commercial satellites with the ULV the CBSP FLV is a COTS/NDI SATCOM system expanding upon the US Navy’s successful AN/WSC-6(V)9 terminal. These terminals, also provided by Harris, have demonstrated fleet availability of 99 percent while supporting bandwidth on-demand networks. The CBSP FLV terminal supports multiple missions: quality-of-life and SHF MILSATCOM backup.

As a premier supplier of network-enabled data link solutions, Harris targets our end user’s toughest communications problems for military and commercial applications. Harris implements a modular data link approach which provides secure, reliable communications for a variety of applications, including weapon data links, airborne communications, and satellite reach back. Users benefit from the use of specialized protocols, ruggedized packaging, data security, phased array antennas and customized form factors.

SeaLancet™ RT-1944/U network radio (MBNR)

SeaLancet™ is a tactical, wideband OFDM networked radio solution designed specifically to meet the demanding communications requirements of military tactical missions. This innovative, network-centric radio connects the maritime battlespace to the ground- and air-based theatre network, utilizing standard protocols that have been optimized for the unique RF environment found at the ocean’s surface. SeaLancet was cooperatively developed with the US navy's small business partner, Reliable System Services Corporation, a SBIR success story.

Tactical networking radio features include:

  • Compact, lightweight, low power
  • High throughput links—up to 54Mbps link rate (32Mbps user data throughput), adaptable 108Mbps link rate (high-capacity point-to-point)
  • Long range, extending LOS beyond 150 miles (and OTH with relay)
  • Networked and IP addressable
  • Easy to configure and operate; Web-based
  • Robust link using an enhanced OFDM waveform
  • Multipath tolerant, and adaptive to wave occlusion and other outages
  • Unique coding for link optimization
  • Military and ISM frequency, multiband operation
  • Highly ruggedized for severe DoD applications
  • Supports IP traffic of all types, including video, file transfer, IP, chat, email, and sensor data
  • NSA Type-1 encryption capable (SecNet® KIV-54)
  • Can be combined with multiple omni and directional antenna configurations (built-in antenna control)
  • Supports IPv4/v6 protocols
  • Two modes: full mesh and long range high throughput (SELACK)

For more information please link to product data list at the end of this article.

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Commercial Broadband Satellite Program
Broadband Satellite Program Unit Level Variant Terminal
AN/WSC-6/6A(V)9 Navy Multiband Shipboard Terminal
SeaLancet™—Tactical Networking Radio

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