Rheinmetall Air Defence

Sea-Based Air and Surface Defence Systems

The complex requirements imposed on short and very short-range air and surface defence have become much more complex in recent years. Both quantitatively and qualitatively, the air and surface threats posed to naval ships continues to mutate and multiply.

Increasingly, the emphasis is on highly manoeuvrable anti-ship missiles, unmanned air vehicles and surface swarm attacks that are smaller, faster and more agile than ever; only the most sophisticated air and surface defence systems can provide protection against these threats.

Advanced close-in weapon systems

Rheinmetall Defence's air defence division is one of the world's foremost makers of advanced close-in weapon systems. The company leads the global market in automatic cannon-based air defence, and is the only system supplier able to offer fire control technology, automatic cannon and Ahead airburst ammunition, all from a single source.

Fully automated and extremely effective, the high-performance systems are ideal for protecting naval crews, ships and further high-value assets from modern symmetric and asymmetric threats. Thanks to the company's Ahead technology, the systems are able to take out even the smallest targets.

Naval air and surface defence systems

Rheinmetall Air Defence offers pioneering solutions for naval applications.

Oerlikon Seaguard® Defence System

  • Fire control system for small to medium-sized ships as well as for naval support ships
  • Inner layer defence system (ILDS) for medium to large-sized ships as an integral part of the overall combat system
  • Cost-effective
  • Adaptable to customers requirements - simple to highly sophisticated
  • Easy integration due to standard electrical and simple mechanical interfaces
  • Minimal below deck equipment and deck penetration
  • 360° air and surface coverage
  • Multi-mission effectors
  • High efficiency against small and fast air and surface threats

3D search radars for the naval industry

Oerlikon Seaguard® X-TAR 3D Search Radar

  • A family of 3D search radars, with 50km to 70km detection range
  • Modular design concept
  • Suitable for ground-based and ship borne applications
  • 16 or 24 simultaneously receiving stacked beams
  • Digital beam forming
  • Automatic target classification

Radar tracking mounts

Oerlikon Seaguard® Triax is a three-axis tracking mount with fully coherent monopulse X-band radar, TV camera and optional IR camera and laser range finder.

Oerlikon Seaguard® Biax is a two-axis tracking mount with a fully coherent monopulse X-band radar, TV camera and optional IR camera and laser range finder.

Electro-optical tracking system for naval fire systems

Oerlikon Seaguard® TMEO Mk2 is a modern, powerful and flexible tracking system for integration within wide-range of naval fire control systems.

Aiming device for naval weapon systems

Oerlikon Seaguard® Target Designation Sight is specially designed for observation and optical target acquisition and as an aiming device for weapon systems.

Guns for naval ships

Oerlikon Millennium Gun®

  • Designated for missions against air, surface and shore targets (CIWS)
  • Main gun for smaller ships
  • 1,000 rounds/min fire rate
  • 252 Ahead rounds ready to fire
  • Additional 252 rounds of ammunition
  • No deck penetration, standard Ethernet interfaces
  • ISO-mount option
  • Octagonal-mount option

Naval command and control consoles

The Oerlikon Seaguard® Command and Control Console provides the necessary capabilities to control and manage sensors and weapons within the naval tactical environment.

Weapon control modules

Oerlikon Seaguard® is a family of weapon control modules to control guns of the calibre 25mm - 127mm, Mk45 5in and AK6-30.

Rheinmetall offers a range of other solutions including:

  • Command and control: customer-tailored solutions for tactical and operative air defence networks with multi-spectrum sensor netting.
  • MOOTW: designed for conference and vital critical asset protection of strategic national concern or protection of fielded military engaged in peacekeeping or nation building missions.
  • Stationary critical asset protection: systems that are used as the inner tier of the layered air defence for vital point protection of critical military infrastructures. They have a high efficiency against fast and small air targets.
  • Mobile air defence: self-propelled air defence systems for protection of moving vital assets such as mechanised forces or convoys.
  • Air defence services: customer-tailored service solutions such as instruction in handling of systems, maintenance and tactics

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Naval Technology from Rheinmetall Air Defence 23 June 2017 For many years, Rheinmetall Air Defence, the former Oerlikon Contraves, has been among the most trusted names in the international defence technology and security industries.